Victor Borge

Growing up near South Bend Indiana in my youth (ages ago), home of Red Skelton, my mother dragged me to the theater to see Victor Borge.
I thought “Mom, I don’t like classical music. Why?”.

I thought I would share some classic moments from the past to our youngsters here, just to show that making music is fun.

Victor Borge

I was lucky to have seen him in person several times (I moved around a lot), and it was always enjoyable. I have his book, “My Favorite Intermissions.” He certainly was a Great Dane.

Must be PBS pledge week.

Just kidding. I did love Borge and grew up watching his stuff. PBS played it so much during pledge week that I have a mental connection between the two now.

I still use his out-loud punctuation to teach kids today.

I saw him live once, and on several TV specials. He was a marvelous entertainer.

I saw him live once and watched him often on TV. He was wonderful.

I saw him live, too, and one of the ten or twelve VHS tapes we had in the early 90s was his greatest hits.

I still think “Oblivia” every time I hear “Bolivia”.

I saw him live, twice. He even picked on me once for coming in late.

"Pardon me, pardon me, pardon me, pardon me, pardon me … "

I remember seeing him on TV when I was young. I didn’t know any of the music, but the humor transcended it. A truly funny guy.

My grandmother HATED!!! him. Why? He never finished anything he began, and the pieces he did begin were BARELY begun.

I think granny may have had an ADHD problem. Or maybe Victor did?

The Victor Borg: “You will be assimilnined.”

You just two the thread.

“It’s *your *language. I’m just trying to use it!”

This is brilliant.

So can the (other) music nerd Dopers answer this question…I was watching a Borge TV episode from the Dean Martin show where Borge did some of his usual routines, and he started to play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, which seemlessly morphed into Porter’s Night & Day.

Clever. But I always thought this song pairing was first done by Peter Nero and I have been playing his version for many years to amuse my friends.

So who originated this Moonlight/Night mashup/medley? Nero or Borge? Or did they both think of it independently, at the same time?