Victoria Secret

Well I just went and got the mail and there was a Vic Sec right on top for one of the female memebers of my house. Anyways everybody know (well probably guys anyways) that in those and SI swiumsuit edition there is at least one pic where the womens bra is just a little see through (more so in SI) well anyways I noticed that this time the see thru was right on the cover does that seem sort of odd to anyone else, yup and upon closer inspection there is definatly a nipple showing throught the her bra right on the cover. If anyone else gets VicSec would they please check just so I know it’s not just me. It the Spring Issue 1999 Vol. III No. 1 The women on the front is wearing a green (see thru) bra.

Joey, thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

Now if this column ain’t a MPSIMS…


I suppose it could be MPSIMS but I wanted to know if there is anything about putting nudity (if you could even call it that) on the cover of a magazine

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First of all, it’s not a magazine, it’s a catalog. Second of all, it’s not yours. Third of all, this is not a clearinghouse for stroke-book information.
Just trying to help, you understand.

I remember an issue of National Geographic with an article about Bali…

Joey, if you really want to see a woman’s breast, I suggest you put the catalog down and get a date.

I don’t know who first said “everyone’s a critic,” but I think it’s a really stupid saying.

Sorry. I forgot to respond to your “question.” Personally, I don’t think it makes a difference what is revealed on the cover of a magazine or catalog. After all, Victoria’s Secret is a lingerie store. A lot of their stuff is made to be revealing. You wouldn’t complain if Car and Driver magazine showed you the interior of a Mercedes on the cover, would you?

I think it a shame, however, that women’s magazines, like Elle, Cosmopolitan, etc. feel they must show a scant-clad famous person on the cover to get people to buy it.

I don’t know who first said “everyone’s a critic,” but I think it’s a really stupid saying.

Well you asked a really serious question here, and so I’m gonna reply in kind.
(quit snickering the rest of you!)

First I’ve got a couple of my own.
What is a ‘memebers’? Oh, a meme-bearer, got it, never mind.

As far as the catalogs are concerned, any actual anatonomical features that you may see, are purely on purpose.
Many photos are taken, and the ones they decide to use are carefully selected, and then ‘enhanced’ digitally to get the best effect they can. (and then placed in the actual format of the catalog, to show off the wares to maximum effect. The actual wares being the clothing.)
If nipples happen to show in the final print, so be it, because the clothing they are selling is generally designed to be high quality intimate undies.

The tittilation qualities are purposely designed into the catalog, though -you yourself- are not the target audience.
Call it a happy coincidence.

Victoria’s Secret also sends out several differently covered catalogs each year. The one you may recieve is targeted to whether or not you are a new potential customer, or one time shopper, or a repeat buyer.
They are one of the better mailers in the business as far as the accuracy of their addressing. If you are a customer, or request a catalog, you’ll recieve the catalog. If not, you’ll never be bothered.

Just business ya’ know?
If you’ve already seen a couple of hundred thousand of these they tend to loose their shine, but if not, maybe let someone else pick up the mail till your hormones cool down.
As if, eh?

(Just curious, but was it the Tanya Banks in the black bikini (cover) issue?)

No it was someone in a green bra (not sure who) and to whoever is out there making jokes, if I want to see a womens breasts (other then my girlfriends) I’ll go get a playboy or a porno I’m not gonna stare at a victorias secret all day to see a nipple

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Don’t be embarrased Joey, I’ll bet there are a lot of lonley guys out there who check their neighbour’s mail for pictures of nipples… :slight_smile:

It only hurts when I laugh.

Well I picked out Victoria’s catalog from the trash can. Hard to tell, the spouse dumped coffee grounds on it already. Have fun. Try Frederick’s of Hollywood. Go to the mall store and ask for a catalog. Say it’s for your you and you are a transvestite who likes to shop at home.

My mom used to get the Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog and I remember being fascinated with the idea of bras with holes cut out of them (you know, the ones that provide support for, um…‘endowed’ women but give that “natural look”.) Couldn’t figure out why a woman would want to wear one like that. Also, crotchless underwear. Being probably only 9-10 at the time, the whole lingerie thing was pretty fascinating and mystifying.

…it has never been my way to bother much about things which you can’t cure.

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Peeping in those catologs is almost as much fun as watching free playboy tv without a de-scrambler. I can see good parts through the static. Hard on the eyes though.

I think the allure of catching site of a nipple in a lingerie catalogue comes from the fact that you’re not supposed to be see it there. Sure, there are nipples-a-plenty in Playboy, but you’re buying it for that purpose. To see a nipple where you don’t really expect to is ever so much more titilating.

The British seem to be much more relaxed about this than Americans. Even in the most wholesome of catalogues (and newspapers and magazines) you can find nipples easily, and even the stray patch of pubic hair.

So what’s the big deal?

I get the catalog because I like their bras and panties and tank tops and shorts. I am a targeted customer, as are many other women.

We aren’t looking for nipples or crotch-shots, just a good fit and a flattering color and style.

Unless you are buying merchandise or using the catalog to get your jollies, it really shouldn’t make a lot of difference because the odds are that you probably won’t see it.

Wadda expect? They are selling lingere, fercryingoutloud.

JFTR - you must have really been straining your eyes and looking for it, I never noticed until you mentioned it.

Pervo - :wink:


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Hey… maybe a stroke-book clearinghouse isn’t such a bad idea after all…

And speaking of Frederick’s - why do the salesladies in there always look like the worst-dressed refugees from a televangelist program? And why are they always watching me like a hawk?

Nickerz, you’re making the cheap shots way too easy here.

(psssst, wanna know how to get on the mailing lists?)

Nobody is answering the question here, I just wanted to know what the law/regulations say about putting this on the cover, I can understand putting it inside the magazine, but it was on the cover and I didn’t think that was legal.

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Joey, uh, this is America and we got this thing they call freedom of expression. Unless the Supreme Court gets pissed off again, anybody can show all the nipples and whatever else they want to. That’s why mags like Playboy and its raunchier cousins are legal. Hell, the government actually gives money to naked women to smear themselves in chocolate and prance around on stage. That’s “performance art”, in case you didn’t know. I’ve seen better performance art at the Pink Flamingo in Lawrence, Kansas, but I guess there’s no accounting for taste.

Hey, this is a legitimate question, and one I’ve wondered about often. On the cover of Playboy, and Penthouse, and even raunchier magazines like Hustler, they seem to be pretty careful about not showing any nipples of pubic hair. In fact, I’ve seen women on covers of some of the more raunchy magazines where large portions of their areolae are visible, but the nipple itself is always covered. So whats the deal? Are they trying to comply with some kind of obscenity law, which would get the magazine banned otherwise? Or it just a standard convention - a way of teasing you to get you to buy the magazine?