Victoria's Secret Commercial - Bob Dylan?!??!

I’m in the kitchen and I hear what sounds like a Bob Dylan song. But see that it is a Victoria’s Secret commercial and dismiss it as Dylan-esque.

But, I saw it again and was certain it was Dylan. I look around the net, and sure enough, it IS Dylan’s Love Sick. Anybody else bothered by this?? I know, I know – what’s it to me.

It just seems…….wrong.

I know EXACTLY what you mean! I love the hell out of Dylan’s Time Out Of Mind cd. It starts off with that spooky organ with kind of a reggae beat. The song, and the entire cd sound , for lack of a better word…haunted. It’s as if Dylan is attempting to reconcile his various demons, including his musical legacy, his relevancy, getting old, his faith, everything. All this he tries to make sense of ina cd that stands with his best work ever.


The first time I saw the commercial my jaw dropped, and I said “I don’t frickin’ believe it!” My wife, of course, said, “Oh, c’mon, she’s not THAT pretty”(referring to the VS model).:smack:

Chris W