Video/Audio outs on computer DVD player?

OK, when I buy my new computer I would love to get a DVD drive - but the thought of sitting at my desk for 2 hours watching a movie doesn’t thrill me.

How can I get a DVD drive with video/audio outs to run to my TV? Is there such a thing? My tv has Video/Audio in RCA jacks.


Lovable Rogue

My DVD player has an S-video output that I run to my TV. I don’t know if thats common or not though.

My Dell Dimension has a DVD player and no outputs. It uses software decoding to generate the video. I have been told that DVD players with HARDWARE decoding have output you can send to your TV.

I’m sure more information will be here soon.

The key is in your video card, not the DVD player. There are quite a few video cards on the market (I’m too lazy to look right now, but any decent review should mention some) that offer S-Video and/or composite video out.

You’ll also want a sound card with digital output if you want to take advantage of Dolby Digital or DTS.

You’ll need an s-video to composite adapter and cabling. Your DVD/Video software will have various output options (to monitor, to line, etc.) It should be fairly simple to figure out.

Most computer video output uses s-video jacks. Don’t bother to specify composite output on your video card. It’ll just cost you more money than an adapter without much difference in quality. In order for your DVD output to be compatible with your TV’s standard composite (RCA) jacks, you’ll need an s-video to composite (RCA) adapter. You can buy one at Radio Shack for about $20. I don’t have the part number handy, but they get requests for these adapters all the time. Walk into the store and ask somebody.

Been there done that. Video out from the S video connector on many (even high end) video cards looks like crap when pumped to the TV. Just get a cheap DVD player for the TV. You’ll be glad you did.

I almost agree with astro. ATI’s video out (at least in the cards they used before they switched to their latest chipset) was absolute rubbish. Horrible Gamma setting, and no easy way to adjust it.

My solution at the time was to get a RealHollywood DVD decoder card, and it worked wonderfully. Until I upgraded the ATI to a Geforce II based card, and then the system would freeze once or twice a movie. But when it worked, the picture/sound was great.

But really, with decent dvd players costing $150 these days, it just isn’t worth the hassle of getting the extra equipment in your computer to pipe it’s dvd output to a tv.