What will I need to hook up DVD to new TV?

In January, I am planning to buy a new TV. Nothing remarkable, Vizio, Samsung, something like that, prob. from Walmart or BB. So, what cords will I need to attach my 30 dollar DVD player to the TV? My RCA finally gave out, and the only plug in slots it has is for RCA, or direct cable plug. I have no idea what the new TV connections are like, and when I look at the sets in Walmart, the connector pllugs are always in back, and jammed back behind something or other…you get the idea. Will I be able to hook up my RCA connectors to it, or my S cable, or my direct from cable wire, or will I need some strange (to me) new cables?

Most TV’s these days come with RCA ports as well as a co-axial cable connection. S-video, YPrPb (not entirely sure what these ports stand for, but I’ve seen them around, and they look like RCA with different colors), and VGA inputs are fairly common on flatscreens, at least the larger ones I have seen. You should be good to go with the standard RCA plugs on your DVD.

The manuals and installation instructions that come with the TV and DVD player should have the information you need.

In declining level of quality, your options are:


Your DVD player probably does not have HDMI - this is the current standard for high-def. One nice thing about HDMI is that it also carries audio.

Next up is component - this is the Y-whatever that Crackrat referred to. It’s a trio of red, blue and green RCA plugs.

Next option is S-video - a roughly 3/8" diameter plug with several small pins.

Last, but not least is plain old composite video on a single yellow RCA plug.

With any of the non-HDMI options, you will also need a regular red and white pair of RCA cables for the sound.
Dead last, and least is RF - typically Channel 3. Avoid this if at all possible.

Thanks for the info, guys!
BTW, since my DVD prob. doesn’t have HDMI, under what circumstances would I need an HDMI cord?


None, until you get a DVD player or other device that does have HDMI. This other device might be a game console or cable/satellite box.

Thank you, Silophant!