Video cam still not found

I have been having problems with my video cam and trying to have Win98 recognize it in the device manager. When I uninstall the software for the cam, and try to reinstall it, I get the error message that a newer version of the software in on my hard drive even though I have uninstalled it. I have looked high and low and cannot find another version of the software on my HD. My camera worked before I had a HD crash and had to replace it. I am running Win98 now and before my crash. I plugged in the cam to the USB port and it found a new device but could not determine what type of device it is. Before my crash, when I first installed the cam, Win98 found the device and loaded the correct drivers, including root hubs and controllers. I was thinking of possibly loading the software on my Zip drive and running the camera from there. I don"t know what changed when my new HD was installed but Win98 cannot find the device nor the driver. At first I thought that it was the USP port, so I put in two more. None of them can detect the new device and I am stumppped. How can I get rid of a newer version of the cam software when I have uninstalled any verstige of the program? Where is this thing living? The cam in an Intel Create and Share camera. The web site does not offer any real solutions. Any help will be greatly appreciated.