Video card question

I need to upgrade a video card for a friend.

Her motherboard has 4x AGP.


Can I install an 8x AGP card, or will it be incompatible?

Yes you should have no problems as the AGP standard is backward compatible regarding 8x and 4x boards and cards at least.
The difference is the supply voltage on the AGP slot.

4x = 1.5volts and 8x = .8volts

But an 8x card should always detect that it’s in a 1.5volt slot and adjust it’s speed.

Hey - I had that same motherboard/chipset and your should be able to BIOS upgrade it from the manufacturer for 8x compatablility. Follow this link:

and make sure you read up before you do any bios upgrades. They have an executable that will query their web site and check for BIOS upgrades if necessary also.

The problem I had with it, that you may have, is that the 8x video card combined with it being an AMD chip caused too much heat to build up in the case. I eventually replaced the whole set to stop the agro. Good luck.