Video CD on playstation

Has anyone seen the “movie cards”
that are sold not in the US?

These cards, when plugged into
the back of an older Sony Playstation
that has a parallel port, can cause
it to be able to play a video CD,
these are good if you like foreign
films or popular Asian movies
that are not available in the states.

Video CD “Movie Card” (the ‘redant’ kind’


The Gamars kind

Is there anyone who knows if these
are any good?

I want to be able to play video
CDs and not just on my linux
box ( I can already, but when I
try to take the monitor into the
living room, the cable gets
ripped out from the pc)

But seriously, I can’t afford a130dollar
dvd machine that plays vcds too,
I need a cheaper solution.

These plug-ins are said to
cost around 50-60 dollars.

How I wish they would just
come to Wal Mart here in

If you can afford $60, just buy one of the cheapest DVD players, I got one for $59.95 at CompUSA last week. Watch for a 4th of July sale. It works great for DVD’s and VCD’s


Is there a certain brand I should watch for?

Thanks again :))

Right now they have a Lasonic that will play VCD’s for $59.99. It’s listed as SOLD OUT online, but if you have a store near you there might be one in stock there. The web site has an option to check the store stock if you put in your zip code. They also have a refurbished unit, I forget the brand, for $39.99, but it doesn’t specifically say it will play VCD’s.

Just keep looking around, $60.00 seems to be the new lowest price for a basic DVD player. Also, the more expensive a DVD player is, the less likely it will play VCD’s.


Yeah, apex 1500 is the one you’re looking for.

Might now be a 1200, which has no lcd display so try for a 1500, some online stores have them,
price is about the same, $65 or so.