Video Clip Editor & Windows XP Pro Help Needed

  1. Is there a Video Clip Editor in Windows XP Pro? Share a free simple download of a Video Editor without attachments to register? I have a short clip taken with a Sony DSC-H55 that need some light added if possible.

  2. A nightmare occurred due to all the attachments that came down with a download and a need to register. Reloading Windows XP might be needed due to no Restore Date before the date of the download.

  3. Is there a way to add a workable Bold Restore Date a day before the download? Would a lack of use cause a Restore date not be present before the download?

  4. Last, is formatting and reloading my best option to clear this machine, “Since it’s a basic load vs a lot of data”? The download removed most of drivers in the Device Manager below the Network Adapter to update to the latest. Some of the problem could be the Compaq Presario F756 Notebook came loaded with Vista and was reloaded with XP Pro and it worked fine until the download.

Thanks In Advance!

Win XP includes Windows Movie Maker

I use it frequently to edit my videos. Nothing fancy. Just trimming and splicing.

The XP version of Windows Movie Maker is really nice. They changed it in Win 7 and its not nearly as useful.

Thanks aceplace57! Will the Windows Movie Maker edit/add some light to a clip? If so, Please give me a few tips because I feel I tried it during my frustrations.

Windows Movie Maker is probably your best bet. It should be fine for something simple like that.

Not sure what the question is here…

You can’t add a restore date, because it would require time travel and even the Microsoft Corporation hasn’t yet mastered that.

Generally speaking, restore points are added when you install software or significantly change the configuration of your computer. So correct, if you do not use your computer on that day, you won’t have a restore point on that day.

Ok a couple issues here:

  1. You shouldn’t be running a computer build for Vista on XP, because there’s a decent chance the drivers you need to fully support your hardware don’t even exist on XP.

  2. If you attempt an XP install, what I’d do is pre-load all the drivers from the Compaq website and test that they install in XP before you do the reinstall. There’s a very good chance XP won’t automatically install a driver for your network or wifi card, and then you’re kind of caught between a rock and a hard place.

  3. If you can manage an affordable copy of it, I’d highly recommend installing Windows 7 (or anything more modern than XP really-- even Vista is better, IMO). You’ll have a much higher chance of Windows automatically finding drivers for your hardware is you run a Windows OS that runs Vista-type drivers instead of XP-type drivers.

  4. Typical warning about laptops of that age potentially having bum hard drives-- if you’re going to reinstall anyway, you might consider spending a few bucks and replacing the hard drive first. Otherwise it might fail 2 months down the road and you’ll just have to go through the whole process over again.