Video editing on a PC

I have some VHS tapes that were made of me that I want to put onto a DVD and also ona website. I have a DVD Express box by ADS that I used to record ontp my pc the entire tape. This created a file with a .mpg extension. I now need to edit this .mpg file to break it into segements and remove part of the end of one tape.

I was unable to find any software that came with the box to do actual editing. What can I get that is free or under $35.00

Do you have Windows XP? If you do, you may have a program called Windows Movie Maker installed on your computer (it’s in Accessories in the Startup menu).

Yes I have XP installed but I don’t have Movie Maker installed. I will have to hunt for my install media

Here’s a link on Windows Movie Maker .

It is available as part of the Service Pack 2 download for Windows XP (or you can order a CD).