video game brag thread

I envision this thread as a chance to brag about your own video game accomplishments or to marvel at the achievements of others. This has probably been done before, but I wouldn’t have had anything to contribute until now. I’ve never really been any good at video games. I suspect that growing up with a twin brother who was instantly a hundred times better than me at any game crushed my interest.

But now, the Wii has gotten me back into video games, and I have my first brag-worthy video game achievement:

I have completed the Platinum Medal on all nine “Wii Play” games!

My High Scores
Shooting Range: 662 points
Find Mii: 92 levels
Table Tennis: 276 times
Pose Mii: 1275 points
Laser Hockey: 15 points
Billiards: 60 points
Fishing: 2630 points
Charge!: 331 points
Tanks!: 132 tanks

So what’s your greatest video game achievement?

Hmm… I’ve got several I’m proud of.

Goldeneye for the N64: Playing multi-player with proximity mines, I was up to 8 kills and the next closest player had 2 or 3 (playing to 10 to win). I had laid mines all over the place, and then covered all the entrances to the room I was in with mines. Seeing that my victory was inevitable I stood up and announced: “I’m going outside to smoke a cigarette. Let me know when I’ve won”.

Mario 64: Got all 120 stars. Rainbow Road 100 coins was a bitch.

Civ II: Beat on Deity, several times. Not easy, and I lost more than a few games, but I’m still proud of it.

Goldeneye (again): Got all the cheat codes (Facility in, I think 1 minute, 58 seconds, was another bitch).

Beat every board on Super Mario Brothers and SMB 3 in single sittings, but those are more endurance achievements. My high score was nowhere near the world record tho’.

Beat Samurai Shodown in the arcade with no continues, repeatedly (I was a beast at that game).

I know there’s more, but that’s all I can think of right now.

I’ve completed Hitman: Contracts, at the hardest difficulty level, with zeros right across the board (no alerts, no shots fired, nobody killed except the targets, etc).

I’ve also completed the hotel level of the same game in a completely different manner – by killing absolutely everybody in the hotel. I may have completed other levels that way, but the hotel level was certainly the most memorable.

Also, I’ve finished Commander Keen 1 in a little over five minutes.

ETA: This is the first time I’ve actually visited that video since I’ve uploaded it, and I’ve noticed that people have been beating my time. Nevertheless, I’ll take pride in the fact that I started it – there wasn’t a single Commander Keen speedrun on YouTube before I uploaded mine.

I’ve unlocked every single unlockable thing there is in Goldeneye, I’ve beaten every single video game I’ve ever played on the hardest difficulty, I beat Halo 2 and Halo 3 on Legendary, even in co-op, which made it harder sometimes because if one dies, everyone dies.

Online, I’m a badass as well.

I will whip the skin off your ass at Counterstrike (1.6 or Source, ladies choice) any day any how. Fer realz :smiley:

Sir, if I ever touched CounterStrike, I’d take you up on that.
You’d think that for a bunch of gamers here, we’d have at least ONE game that a bunch of us can play online, no?

Agreed. All this time spent having rational conversations could be much better spent shooting preteens in the face.

Online, of course.

ps. If you change your mind, my steamid is fiftythekid.

I used to be a professional video gamer.

No, seriously. I was raised around computers since birth, and vividly remember buying first generation CD-ROM drives, 14.4baud modems - Kid Pix. From the moment I could stand, I was playing games with computers; my mother was a neurological researcher and did extensive study on the inner-ear and balance, and I can still remember balancing on this diagnostic pad to measure equilibrium, trying to keep an animated arrow in a box using my feet. Sort of like a Wii fit, except in the fuckin’ eighties. From asteroids in black and white, the rise and fall of Maxis, into my teens, for a myriad of reasons I was always playing something.

Then Half-Life came out and rocked everybody’s world. The subsequent mods that developed (namely Counter-Strike) were undeniably some of the best competitive online games available and spawned (aside from an entire generation of furious, shit-talking bastards) multiple online leagues and global tournaments. I played Day of Defeat, primarily - through the beta and subsequent patches. For a while, during the game’s brief stint as a low- to mid- priority competitive game, I ran a six-man team that would regularly beat the entrenched, well-sponsored “big name” squads.

Don’t get me wrong, I snort and snicker when I hear the term “e-sport” and “cyberathlete” too. Originally it was all for fun and we just happened to kick ass at it. Basically as a real team you play online leagues and try to find sponsors. Sponsors will provide anything from Ventrilo (voice chat) or game servers to full rides to international events where prizes regularly climb into six figures for the larger games. Ultimately we attended perhaps ten or twelve “real life” events, most of which required travel - although they were all in the continental US. Made a few thousand dollars which covered the travel expenses for our journey into ultimate nerd-dom, earned a few free plane tickets as well. Eventually the community tore itself apart and the team grew up enough to no longer have the time for competitive gaming. We’re still all on good terms with each other, and still talk now and again.

The end.

You forgot the part about getting copious amounts of high class tang. Chicks dig DoDers, or so I hear…

Snerk. My team was a little less troglodytesque than the stereotype would have you imagine. I like to think. There’s the occasional booth girl but, obviously, it’s not exactly a chick-fest.

Let’s see-

I once rushed for something like 875 yards in one game on Tecmo Super Bowl. (Bo Jackson, of course) Far from the record, I’m sure, but I was what, 9 years old?

On the original Mario Kart for SNES, there were several of the easy tracks that I eventually played by sitting at the start line without moving until the entire field had lapped me before I started the race. Doesn’t sound that bad, but keep in mind the 8th place guy was a notorious straggler, so I’d usually be lapped twice by the leaders before I ever hit the accelerator. Probably boils down to running the race in 2/3 to 3/4 of the 2nd place finisher’s time.

Back in the college era picked up a controller [del]thrown[/del] vacated by a friend for a game of NCAA Football 2001 down 42-0 at the half. The presumed victor said we could start over, but I chose to play it out. And won. Rubbed salt in the wound by running a fake FG (RUN!) in for a 2pt conversion after my final touchdown. Only time I ever saw that play work.

And I have to mention it-On COD:MW multiplayer, I shot a friend after he’d run about 20 feet into an airplane hangar. He skated across my scope into the hangar before I got lined up, so I just continued to swing on the line and dropped him, blind. He looked at me like I had fucked with the Rubik’s Cube he’d solved in 3rd grade. Priceless.*

*He owns the game and I don’t even have an up to date system, so he is generally slaughters me/all comers, but I occasionally smite his ass in completely ludicrous ways.

I pulled off a genocideless, polyless ascension in Nethack. It would’ve been wishless too, but I got screwed by a wish from a blessed smoky potion (which was full healing in this game). This was a little before the version that allowed you to refuse wishes, so I was out of luck.

That’s a trip- I haven’t thought about that game in years. Thanks for the reminder!

Among other things here and there, I’d have to say my highest amount of nerd-pride comes from… I was good at Warcraft 3. Really, really good - I was a freshman in college at the time and had a LOT of free time to practice. About six months after release (i.e. pre-Frozen Throne… that would make it… Fall of 2002?), I was #2 on the U.S. East single player ladder and #4 on the Random Team ladder, simultaneously. I played Random, was world-class with three races and merely excellent with the fourth (orcs being my weak spot), and for a brief two or three weeks was at the absolute top of my game and could take on anyone, including some pretty big internet RTS names. I also won a couple of hundred bucks at local on-campus tournaments; not the worst way to make your pizza and beer money.

…and then I got a girlfriend. :smack:
It’s REALLY hard to stay competitive at that level when you’re down to an hour or two of gaming a night. Not that it wasn’t worth it, mind you, but… sighs

The one that I’m probably most proud of to this day is one from when I was but a wee lad. It took countless hours of teeth-gnashing, controller-smashing, wrist-slashing frustration, but I finally did it:

I beat Bionic Commando.

I once confined the Qix to 1% of the screen.

As a high schooler in the late 90’s, we didn’t have Warcraft 3 yet, but we did have a fun little game known as warcraft 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

Our high school network administrator was a moron, and our computer programming teacher was a really laid back guy, in his early 30’s. He allowed us to install Warcraft 2/ Rise of the Triad on a bunch of the computers and we’d play network games over the High school internet, just had to keep it on the down low.

Of the 30 other players in my high school, I won about 99% of the time. It was always fun, with the other guy sitting 20 feet away at his computer.

Start w/ 2-3 death knights death/decaying towers/buildings. Their nearby troops would try to mount an AI assault against the death knights while the other player was distracted elsewhere. Ready your 18 fully-upgraded ogre-mages ready in the reserves w/ blood lust. Unleash your full-fury. :slight_smile:

Not much to brag about:

-Beat Goldeneye on 00 with both extra levels and unlocked all the cheats

-Finished the 8 levels of the hidden part of Super Mario World, and repeated a decade later on Game Boy Advance

-Won 70 straight head to head matches in Mortal Kombat IV, although that was pre internet days, so I was mostly playing against 10 or so schmos from my dorm.

•Acheived a DEFCON scenario victory—playing two continents vs. two controlled by the computer—with zero [sub]civilian[/sub] casualties on my side. The enemy suffered 255 Megadeaths, including 0.6 million dead from collateral damage from the enemy’s own weapons.

•I performed a few “Taran” attacks in Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat, after being damaged, and/or just running out of ammo (differing from an outright Kamikaze attack as I did bail out just before impact. Or tried to).

Star Wars the arcade vector game. My highest score was 38million. That took me 11 hours. The place then shut so I had to stop. There were about 5 of us that could play basically forever on this game but sleep etc. got in our way.

We went for the world record, there was a Guinness rep there, on two occasions (first was 2 days playing and the 2nd lastest nearly 4 days) and got it but a crew in the States bet our score very soon after.