How many games have you gotten 100% achievements on?

Just curious, as I’ve leveled up enough on Steam that I can display achievements and noticed my Perfect Games number - 3, and I’m actively working on two more.

Completed - To the Moon (one achievement), Poker Night 2 (18), and Life is Strange (60, 10 for each chapter)…

Working on - Skyrim (73/75, short Vampire Mastery and Dragonrider) and Final Fantasy VII (35/36, short Materia Master…stupid Enemy Skill).

So…how 'bout y’all?

Only one, I think, Hotline Miami. Usually games have one or two really annoying achievement I don’t bother trying to get. Hotline Miami’s mechanics were so much fun that getting the hardest achievements was actually enjoyable.

I think the only games where I’ve actually got 100% were Achievement Unlocked and Achievement Unlocked 2. I’ve come awfully close on some others, though.

In Diablo 3, I think I only have three left. But those three will take longer than I’m willing to put into the game any more, as they’re just “do perfectly ordinary thing a ludicrous number of times”.

In Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty (i.e., before the Zerg and Protoss expansions), I got 100% of the achievements that could be achieved by playing vs. AIs (in the campaign and otherwise). But I hardly ever play with other humans, so my score on those is piddly. I’ll probably eventually get the same benchmark for the two expansions, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

In Portal, I have all but (I think) 3, and in Portal 2, all but the co-op ones, since I’m having a hard time finding a friend who wants to do them.

I’m somewhere around 90% in Trine 2. Again, I might eventually come back and mop them up, but that’ll probably have to wait for a new computer, since it drags on my computer now (result of an OS update?).

Pong was pretty close to when I was born and I’ve been playing video games my whole life. I’ve beat and found the secrets to thousands of games. That said, going for 100% takes an absurd amount of time in a lot of games. There’s usually at least a few things that take forever and don’t give you much of a reward beyond being a small stepping stone on the way to 100%. I usually try to get most of the cool stuff but don’t often go for 100% unless I really like the game.

I want to say maybe 10 games over the last 5 years or so that I got 100% on and found absolutely everything in the game. Now, if you’re looking at games where I got most of the way there (85-90% or more) the number goes way up. I’d say at least 2-3 dozen games of various lengths.

I think I have two Platinums on the PSN network - Diablo 3 and Dynasty Warriors Gundam : Reborn. I have several perfects on XBox - Dynasty Warriors Gundam, and several Lego games.

Basically, if the 100% mark can be achieved by grinding, without online play, I will usually get it.

Like the OP, I am very very close in Skyrim. I know I am missing Vampire Mastery and the other one is related to Werewolf powers.

I have achieved 100% in Destiny, including the very tough “Flawless Raider” achievement. Take an entire fireteam through an endgame raid without a single death. I solo’d the abyss and did sword duty for my group against Crota, for the few of those who are familiar with Destiny. :slight_smile:

Two games out of 1,116. One of them is Viscera Cleanup: Shadow Warrior which only has two achievements and the other is Faery which has maybe ten achievements that are all very easy to do in the course of playing the game. I don’t really care about achievements except in the rare instances that they supply a game benefit (such as weapon unlocks in Team Fortress 2).

Only Mass Effect for PC. Most of the time I’ll get interested in achievements at the beginning, but I’ll stop giving a shit long before I get through it. I’m just a couple short on Deus Ex:Human Revolution. One short on Costume Quest 1. I could probably blow through the few I’m missing on Plants vs. Zombies on Steam.

Werewolf Mastery was the most recent one I’ve gotten, too… The Mastery ones are a pain in the ass when not doing a character based around them. (Live Another Life is a good mod for them, if you’re on PC and use mods, since you can start in the Companions or Clan Volkihar.)

(I’m certainly sympathetic to ‘forget it, that shit’s too hard!’ - I’ve given up on perfection with Saints Row the Third, because the ‘keep the Johnny Clone from getting hit even once’ achievement is too goddamn hard. There’s a few others I’ve given up on, too, but that’s the one that comes to mind immediately. ‘What games have you given up on getting 100% achievements?’ might be an interesting thread, too. I might start it if this one seems to really get traction.)

I’ve got 100% achievements on Euro Truck Simulator 2. They were all pretty easy. When they added achievements I had already completed half of them.

The Guild of Dungeoneering, I’ve got 48/49. Was working on the final one (complete the game w/o losing a single dungeoneer) when they added an update that made getting it practically impossible.

One of the achievements for Ticket to Ride is to play 20,000 games. :eek:

Is the achievement called, “Celibate”?

I think Fallout: New Vegas is the only game I’ve gotten 100% on. I’ve never really made an effort to get achievements unless I’m already really close.

Heh…New Vegas is one of the ones I’ll never get perfect…not because of difficulty (though the Caravan ones would likely keep me from 100%ing for that reason), but because I 100% refuse to side with the Legion, cutting me off from 3 of the 6 I don’t currently have (3 Legion, 2 Caravan, the *** GRA challenges).

Just 2, I think: Galaga and Pac-Man Championship Edition.

One I will never get: “steel bladder – play the entire set list of rock band 2 without pausing or failing a song”

Depth Charge, a 1970’s arcade game. Paid $10 for it at an auction. Took a few weeks but I could destroy all 36 subs with 36 shots. Sold it to a kid that lived up the street for $30. His parent were not amused when they found the game in his bedroom.

A really fun western game called “Gun”.

I am, however, quite close on Mass Effects 2 and 3. On the whole I’m not really a completionist kind of guy, so it’s never really been a priority.

Oh, just remembered, I’m pretty close on Kingdom Hearts too.

How do I check? Googling around, I look at my Achievement Showcase and it tells me how many achievements I have and my average completion rate, and it should be there with it but it is not.

Funny enough, in Skyrim I have the same 73/75 as the OP.

I don’t have all of them in New Vegas because I didn’t realize that using the console breaks achievements until you quit. So some of them, like the “make 10,000 caps selling items” one I never got because the check is when you surpass the limit but not if your earnings are already greater.

I feel like some of the games added achievements after I played (not due to DLC), so my percentage went down.

I have 3 perfect games on Steam, and without clicking to check I’m certain they’re all Tellatale games, where the requirement for 100% achievements is “play them to completion.”

I’m generally not interested in 100% achievements, because they’re usually comprised at least partially of grindy bullshit. That doesn’t mean I don’t like achievements, I will go out of my way to do them, but only if the specific achievement seems interesting to me.

I think I got exceptionally close in Assassin’s Creed 2, mostly by proxy of having 100%d the game itself, but I am not digging out whatever system I played that on to check.

I think the only game I could see myself actually working towards all the achievements on, because they’re mostly interesting, is Europa Universalis 4, but some of them are basically checks to see if there are currently any broken mechanics in the game. Every time someone posts a strategy for getting The Three Islands they pretty much nerf that mechanic without fail. (Last time someone abused Personal Unions, boom, Personal Unions aren’t available to that part of the world anymore).

I just got Basileus and it was fun, but also extremely frustrating and I don’t think I can handle that much stress in my life to get all of them.

I’d probably have Kingdom Hearts (I assume you mean 1.5 HD Remix) if it didn’t require you to complete the game at least once on each difficulty.

Got it. I had a friend I played Rock Band 2 with a lot several years ago, we did it as a going away party. It’s “only” 4-6 hours and you generally have enough time to run and pee at the end of certain songs. If you do it on medium difficulty or so you’re not in much danger of failing, except maybe Panic Attack on Drums.

Surprisingly few. Browsing my Steam list, only Shadowrun:Dragonfall and Mark of the Ninja are legit 100%. Others have the PITA ones I couldn’t be arsed to do left : the Arkham games are all missing the multiplayer ones, *Blood Bowl *is still missing the “win a game with the opponent never touching the ball” which I guess I could earn by asking a friend to help but meh, Deus Ex earned a “fuck yoooouuuu” when my pacifist run somehow didn’t trigger the cheevo, I guess some mook fell down the stairs at some point or something…