Video of Ferrari 458 Spider driver running over cop's foot while he is writing a ticket -

Have to wonder what this driver was thinking.

Video (this link) is sharp as a tack.

The driver wasn’t thinking.

What infuriates me is that, like a sucker, I read all the comments on the pages from morons. :mad:

Correction: he was thinking with a bodily organ other than his brain. One which is pretty microscopic actually.

I don’t know if the original ticket was justified, but the guy shouldn’t have tried to drive away, and absolutely shouldn’t have driven over the cop’s foot. However, it does bother me a bit to see the officer reacting out of anger.

Guy deserved a beating for those shoes he was wearing.

Guy’s a complete fucking asshole.

The person who posted the video said:

But as far as i can tell from a perusal of New York City’s traffic rules (PDF), there is no such thing as a hotel “valet zone.” There is such a thing as a “hotel loading zone,” and as you can see from this Google streetview image, the area where the incident occurred is marked by a red sign that says:

Loading Zone

According to the NYC traffic rules i posted above, this sign means:

Despite what the YouTube videographer might believe, a hotel loading zone is not the private property of the hotel, and the hotel valet does not get to decide who parks there, and for how long. If you are parked there, and are not actually engaged in the act of “receiving or discharging passengers and their personal baggage,” then you’re eligible for a ticket.


Well, analyze it this way: the cop has just been assaulted with a deadly weapon, and he is acting in self defence, getting the idiot away from the controls of that weapon as quickly as possible. Anger doesn’t need to come into it: he just needs to take control of the situation, and get himself and others out of danger.

Driver deserved what he got - hope he gets a nice jail term for (attempting to) evade arrest and assault on an officer.

Yeah but the cop, I mean comon. He stuck his foot in front of the tire. Who does that?

The driver was an idiot and I’m sure the cop’s foot didn’t feel too good, but to describe that as self-defense is a little overboard. The car was barely moving and all the officer had to do was step away from the wheel and he was in no danger.

The police. You can see that he is using his body to let the guy know to not drive off, and the guy tries anyway. For chrissake, it was just a simple parking ticket.

I don’t know if he deserves to be convicted of an assault charge, but I think deserves to have the video go viral.

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Heheh. That’s a couple blocks from where I work. I see that Ferrari sitting around there regularly.

New York traffic is brutal.

If only that had been Spencer driving the car.

I’ve heard of cops getting flat feet, but this is ridiculous.

Meh. I’m one of the first people to criticize police physicallity, but this aint’ it. They got the guy out of the car and they put him on the ground. It’s not like they pumped 50 rounds into him and no one hit him.

The guy fucking deserved it and I hope he’s charged with felony assault on a police officer.

Eh, we all get cranky when our feet are tired.

How was he supposed to react when his foot was getting run over and the dude in the Ferrari was trying to drive off? He didn’t go overboard in my eyes. I wonder why the cop didn’t say anything to the guy when he hopped in his car and started it up though.

And I loved the nonchalant tossing of the safety cone…“here, just try not to run over his head but if you do I don’t really care”