Video of Ferrari 458 Spider driver running over cop's foot while he is writing a ticket -

Is this a joke ?

Why would it be? It was in NYC. We have lots of Dopers that live there.


I wish we had a zero tolerance policy towards any excessive use of force by the police. No, they didn’t pump fifty rounds into him, etc., but “zero tolerance” doesn’t need to wait for such a skullfucking.
And sorry, having lived and worked in Manhattan for years, there was no ‘running away’ from the cops. Driving off? The cop could have called it in, then walked three feet to where the car would have been stuck in traffic, or walked ten feet to where he would have been pulled over.

That was some excellent fake limping by the cop once he realized he was on video. Someone once ran over my bare foot with a car that weighs more than a Ferrari, and it didn’t make me limp like that. Of course, I wasn’t sober at the time…

Anyway, the driver was a total douche, but I get the impression the cop was having second thoughts after a few minutes.

The tip of my right foot was run over by a 280Z once. It really did not hurt nor did it do any damage to my foot. I doubt that cop was hurt much if at all.

Not sure what you mean. The incident took place a few blocks from my office, where I have seen that Ferrari before.

I’m the first to be outraged when cops get violent and abuse their power.

But it’s hard to get all that outraged when the abusee so obviously deserves it.

The boggler is, someone who can afford a car THAT shiny and sporty can probably wipe their ass with hundred-dollar bills. And he’s getting pissed at a *parking *ticket? Hope it was worth it, dude.

I hear ya. The look on the driver’s face when he is climbing into the car says, “Oh, really? Let me demonstrate that I am Big People and you are Little People.”

Who in their right mind thinks they can start a car and move it into/over/through a police officer standing in front of it? Of course you are going to get thumped on. Duh.

I normally side on the side of the people getting roughed up by the police, but I find so little sympathy for a Ferrari owner.

Parking tickets and petty regulations are what poor people have to deal with. I’ve got a fucking Ferrari and stupid cut-off shorts.

I don’t know for sure, but don’t cops wear steel toed shoes? Ferrari’s are very light compared to most cars, and the engine is in the rear (technically mid) so the trunk is what was over that wheel. Finally, the tires are very wide on those cars further distributing the weight. I doubt the cop even felt much if anything on his foot.

Not that it makes it right to try to drive off from a simple ticket, but I don’t think the cop was hurt.

FWIW, the 458 Spider weighs about 3,100 pounds and 42% is on the front wheels.

I don’t get it. What’s the punchline?

Given say tire inflation is 35 pounds per square inch and about maximum 8 square inches of foot involved , I’d say no more than 280 pounds force on the foot.

How is that calculated? I’m guessing it is an inverse relationship to the tire PSI (harder tire transmits more force to the ground/foot)?

I support the officer. I don’t think he did anything incorrect according to protocol.

Which is much better than my wife’s mini-van which is 4,600 with probably over 60% on the front… or worse, could have been a Bentley.

I think it was supposed to have been [Joe Wilson voice] You LIE!![/Joe Wilson voice]

I cringed when the cop pulled the driver’s door open and dinged the edge of the door on a taxi.