VideoHound really, really likes me!

As some of you know, I’m an editor by trade, and one of my favorite activities is watching movies. Therefore an ideal job would be one that combined editing and movies in some way.

For years, I’ve been buying two movie books (for my own enjoyment, not for a job): Leonard Maltin’s and VideoHound. The former’s good for well-written reviews (and snarky comments), and the latter’s good as an encyclopedia of movies (that is, I don’t read it for the reviews; I use it as a reference).

But I’d noticed that the quality of VideoHound was getting pretty bad. There were typos, incorrect word usage, incorrect facts, and convoluted sentences.

So I figured I’d contact the publisher and ask for a job. He had no positions available (!), but I offered to send a few examples of errors to him. I figured if I just sent a few, they’d appreciate it (they did), and at worst it would be no big waste of time for me, since I come across the mistakes pretty frequently.

I sent a total of 10 errors.

The new VideoHound came out in September.

And lo and behold, five of the errors I had mentioned had been corrected. My guess is that the second email (containing errors 6-10) never got through or wasn’t read, for some reason.

But the big thing is that I feel validated! Oh sure, they could have corrected those mistakes all on their own. But just allow me to delude myself. After all, there are still zillions of mistakes throughout. :smiley:

Anyway, I feel like I helped VideoHound. I feel like I did a Good Deed. I don’t care at all that I wasn’t paid for finding the mistakes, since it was only five and it didn’t take a lot of time for me to find them.

[I just wanted to feel good for a moment. Thanks for reading!]

You go with your bad self, danbaby.

Snarky comments, eh? Hmmm. I gots ta pick me up one.