Vietcong: Purple HAze

Anyone play the game? I see the origional game and the expansion pack are bundled in the PH edition. I played the demo a while back, seemed good. I hate oonline games and fake battlefield 1942 physics “gameplay” crap so this one felt good. (plus it plays on my ancient P3-900).


Someone recognizes this vastly under-rated game.

Let me say it now: This game is the best Vietnam game ever. I have never played a game with more interesting terrain, a more varied array of weapons, more realistic weapon physics and more realistic gameplay. This game kicked ass.

Every bolt-action rifle the enemy uses, all those shitty Russian and French rifles of the Vietcong; they are all in this game. And they are the most fun weapons to use by far. Also available as a rifle is the US Winchester 70 (!) Plus about 12 obscure machine guns, both American and Vietcong, plus being able to set traps in multiplayer mode, PLUS being able to call in airstrikes with a map and compass and a radio-man.

The best game ever. The Purple Haze edition comes with the Fist Alpha mission pack, which I bought seperately since I got Vietcong in its first incarnation as soon as it came out. It wasn’t very successful, for reasons beyond me; now you can get it cheaply. Do it!