Vietnam War movies from a Vietnamese POV?

It was their war, after all, and they did most of the dying. I’d like to see Hollywood make a Vietnam War movie where all the main characters are Vietnamese – VC, NV, ARVN – and the Americans are only background characters (like Vietnamese are in most Vietnam War movies made to date in Hollywood). Are there any such?

There is one called The Cu Chi Tunnels, but it’s a documentary, I’m thinking drama.

This one has some comments from the Vietnamese perspective.

But, again, a documentary.

Sounds like a recipe for a box office disaster. War films are expensive to make, and are likely to be hard to sell to an American audience if they don’t focus on American characters.


I can’t think of a single American-made WWII movie that was told from the German POV and other than Letters from Iwo Jima none from the Japanese perspective.

Cross of Iron

(Yes, the wiki says “British-German”, but Sam Peckinpah was very much an American director.)

ETA: Though, of course, the Germans’ enemies in the film are Soviets, not Americans.

Heaven and Earth by Oliver Stone is the closest.

There’s that recurring segment in Seven Psychopaths