Vietnam movies from the other side

I’m trying to remember the name of a movie which talked about post-war Vietnam from the Vietnamese point of view. I’m thinking it was in the late 1980s and was broadcast on the old Bravo network.

Anyone know any movies on Vietnam (either during the war or after) from their point of view? Any good movies from this period?

Anything from Cambodia or Laos would be of interest as well.

Three Seasons? If you give me a bit more detail to work with, I can probably get it.

I remember there was a confused child. I know it wasn’t in English, but not sure of the Asian language.

Around 1990, in the Church of the SubGenius newsletter Stark Fist of Removal (back in the days when it was printed on paper) I once read a review of a film called The Cu Chi Tunnels, which was “about the Vietnam War as viewed by the enemy.” And that’s all I know about it – it never did show at our local arts theater (and I made a point of giving the manager a copy of the review). I don’t know if it’s ever been shown anywhere in the U.S. There is an IMDb entry but it includes very little info and no reviews.

Not really an answer to OP. But I would recommend “Killing Fields”. Shows Cambodia during the last of the Vietnam war

Found a fuller description of The Cu Chi Tunnels on Amazon:

And here:

Maybe you can find something on this list, dalej42: