Vignettes of Downtown Toledo, Ohio

Some of you may remember this thread, “Hey, that looks hot!” from a while ago. This was about building around the corner from my office that had caught fire.

Here’s September’s calamity. Not 15 minutes ago, a van from a day care center and a car collided on the corner of 10[sup]th[/sup] and Monroe Streets. The van was knocked off course and slammed into a door to our office building a mere 20 feet from my outside office wall. The sound of the shower of glass, aluminum, and concrete crashing down made me think the world had come to an end. At this moment the van is leaking gas into the street, the firemen are hosing it down the sewer, and the paramedics are treating the children. There appear to be no serious injuries, just a few bruised and shaken kids and a couple overly hysterical adults.

I think maybe I should be working from home.

I dunno. I’ve heard that 50% of accidents happen around the home. Even if the other 50% happen at work (and by the sound of things, it does where you work) you won’t be significantly improving your chances of survival.


Maybe it’s just the street?

I work on a 3 lane one way semi major street into our downtown and only a two blocks off of the highway. Speed limit is 25 posted, 45 IRL. The driveway for my office is on the left (naturally), so I take my life into my hands daily. Did get popped from behind once, landed in the neighbors’ lawn (phone call to cops “there’s been an accident, Walnut and Hillsdale” where’s your car now? “in the neighbor’s lawn” what color is it? “it’s the ONLY one on the grass you can’t miss it.”)

We see accidents along here every few weeks. some major. One was a mini van that got turned upside down. we ran out and helped the guy out of it (his door was jammed). Turned out he was a prof at the local Community College on his way to administer a final exam. The tests were destroyed in the accident. Hey, wait a second, maybe this belongs in the “where’s proof God exists” thread…