Vikings: Prophecy about Ragnar

We’ve been watching Vikings, but I have enough trouble remembering who everyone is. So what was the prophecy The Seer gave to Ragnar when Ragnar asked him when he would die? Something about ‘when the blind man sees you’, or something like that.

Am I completely off the mark, that Ragnar asked The Seer how he’d die?

No, you got it right. The seer said he’d die when the blind man sees him. I don’t think the seer ever gives a straightforward answer to anyone about anything. It will be obvious when it finally happens, but probably not before that.

Do you know the full text of the prophesy? Was there something about a bear in it? Or was that someone else’s?

The bear thing was to Ragnar, but wasn’t directly about his death:

“Not the living but the dead will conquer Paris, and the Princess shall crown the bear, which does not bode well for you Ragnar Lothbrok”

“does not bode well for you” - he may be dead (possibly eaten by the bear), he may have been defeated in battle, who knows?

The bear is probably Bjorn, who historically became king of Sweden.

Ragnar conquered Paris by pretending to be dead (I remembered that one), and if Bjorn is the bear, then the princess has crowned him by accepting the marriage.

So if Bjorn is the bear, and if Bjorn historically became the king of Sweden (He gave her things that she was needin’…), then that does not ‘bode well’ for Ragnar.

Do you know the full text of the ‘blind man’ prophesy?

? Princess Gisla is married to Rollo, not Bjorn.

I stand corrected.

As I said, it’s hard to keep all of the characters straight. Pretty blonde woman with frizzy hair, pretty blonde woman with frizzy hair, pretty blonde woman, guy with a beard, guy with a beard…

The wife started watching it before I did because it comes on so late. So I only saw the occasional episodes from the first couple/few seasons.


Bjorn means “bear”.

He killed himself a bear a few episodes ago which means he should change his name to Davey.

That would be a Bah-er.

♬ *Ahhhhh…
Killed a b’ar!
No, not hyar!
Over thar!
I didn’t really do it
I was drunk

Killed a b’ar… *♬

[From Against a Crooked Sky.]