Vinegar To Lose Weight And Solve Life's Ills ???

This morning, a lady at my kids rollerhockey game was touting the curative powers of apple cider vinegar. Anti-oxidant, lowers cholesterol, helps control weight, etc.

Then, not three hours later, a few colleagues here at work tell me that it’s unhealthy, dangerous and gives awful hemorroids.

Okay. What’s the Straight Dope on using apple cider vinegar???


Two things:

  1. Besides the taste?

  2. You should place ice hockey. It’s better’n roller hockey.

Just my two . . . well you get it.

“Play” ice hockey, that is. . . [sub]I’m thinking ahead of myself. They say it’s a sign of genius.[/sub]

Damn keyboard. :mad:

Sorry to answer with a factual answer in MPSIMS, but I would advise you to the Consumer Health Digest. The article is around three quarters of the way down. The FDA does not allow any sort of medical claims for this stuff. This includes claims that it will

In a medical debate between the FDA and a random lady at a rolloerhockey game, I know which side I’d be on.

Good for dressing salads though :stuck_out_tongue:

My dad is firmly convinced of the miraculous powers of vinegar. He drinks a glass every day to lower his cholesterol (he also takes medication for it). <shrug> As long as I don’t have to swill the stuff, I don’t mind. It can’t hurt, right? Unless you’re drinking gallons at a time, how can it be more unhealthy than apple juice?

There’s a little bit of evidence that vinegar can help carbohydrates get stored as muscle glycogen (one of the first available energy sources during most sorts of exercise) rather than as fat, but like any other supplement, it can’t save you from a lousy diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

If someone wants, I’ll dig up a cite.

I tried the vinegar thinkg one morning, it was something like two tablespoons in a glass of water. It made my stomach so upset all day I couldn’t eat. I guess that would work for weight loss.

An entire glass of vinegar everyday?!!! That cannot possibly be good! Can it???

Try taking the 2 spoonfuls of vinegar plus 2 of honey in a glass of warm water. Much more palatable that way.

It doesn’t sound very good for your teeth. That’s the reason I stopped drinking it straight (I just happen to like the stuff).

I suppose you could swish your mouth out afterwards. That seems like an awful lot of effort.

Hmmmmm. This doesn’t bode well.

What in the sam hill am I supposed to do with 5 gallons of apple cider vinegar???


before long some spa in California will be touting vinegar enemas.

I don’t know if it’s in the linked article or not, but supposedly you have to use the natural cider that still contains the “mother” (the cloudy bit that makes it cider.) You have to go to a health store to get it, and can’t just buy Heinz off the regular grocery shelf because it’s all filtered & processed.

(I still think it’s a load of hooey though.)

Here we go. The researchers in this study investigated acetic acid (the main ingredient in vinegar) rather than any of the health food store stuff, but it looks like it offers actual benefits.

Personally, I take tablets, cause drinking vinegar just isn’t pleasant.

Well, you can mix it with spices and olive oil, for a lovely salad dressing. That would solve the palatability issue. If you have five gallons of it, you can still use it to clean your sink, shower, and coffee maker. Some say it will kill the weeds in the cracks in your driveway. Dribble a little on your hair every day, and folks will think you’re using expensive shampoo.

A long time ago, a sponge soaked in vineagar was used as a method of birth control.

I imagine wearing it as cologne would accomplish the same thing without bothering the poor innocent sponge :wink:

Well, this has just gone from bad to worse. When I got to the Emergency Room, the Dr. there asked me who in the world told me to try to shove a sponge soaked in vinegar into my urethra. :smack:

I said her name was Shirley Ujest. After that, I blacked out for a few hours. When I came to, I had stitches in the WEIRDEST places !!! :eek:

ultrafilter, I couldn’t get your link to work, darn it all. I really was hoping for some positive info on it’s curative powers.

Oops, time to soak in the special charcoal bath the Dr. gave me. Be back later !!!

Huh. I didn’t have any trouble.

Well, here’s the abstract:

Hey, I’m not making this stuff up.

and from Planned Parenthood.

Sorry for the hijack. Just thought I find this stuff fascinating.