Vintage vacuum Tubes (TV) free to a good home

I ran across a small box of vacuum tubes left over from my service shop twenty-five years ago. Several are new in the box. I often got stuck with tv tubes that I bought that didn’t fix the problem. I’d put them in inventory and use in a different tv that came in. I always gave the customer any bad tubes that I replaced.

I sold my tube tester decades ago. Someone with an Ebay account could sell these. Vintage, working tubes are sought after. But, you’d need to test them first. Maybe a Radio Shack somewhere still has a tube tester? They used to be in every Radio Shack. Or someone might still buy them (cheaper) untested. Vintage tubes can be a bitch to find when you need one. I repaired my dad’s Hallicrafter multiband radio and had to buy tubes and fresh capacitors a couple years ago.

If you want them, PM me or post here. I’ll get you’re address and send them.

What types are they?

16 tubes new in the original box, and a ECG 113A Silicon dual diode (tv horiz AFC) that was in the box too.

11kv8, 5gs7, 6cg8a, 10jy8, 17bf11, 11af9, 12sj7, 5y3gt, 12dt8, 6ea8, 5gh8a, 6gh8a, 1v2, 8fq7/8cg7, 3ha5, 11ms8

Google any tube name and you’ll get the type and pin out. I’d suggest checking the filaments with a multimeter before selling them to anyone. Unless you’re lucky enough to still have a tube tester.
this is the 11ms8

there’s a 11ms8 on Ebay for $7.20 right now. I just don’t want to mess with selling on Ebay. my Ebay account isn’t set up to sell.

OK, thanks. I’ll pass, though. My wife thinks I already have quite enough spare electronic parts lying around (as if such a thing were possible.) :rolleyes: :smiley:

Are those Tubes still available?

Yes they are, I replied in a pm.

wondered if you still have those? or gone long ago? I’ll take any tubes you have

pm me an address and I’ll get them in the mail. It’s a small box and inexpensive to mail.

hi dude, if these tube are still here so please upload its pics and also describe its prices as well and other necessary information about them.