Vinyl to digital

I have a couple of albums on vinyl that have never been released on CD that I’d like to have copies of. (I do have a turntable, but never use it.) I don’t want to get involved in buying the software/hardware necessary for me to do the job myself, since it’s only a couple of things and I’m a Luddite. These are all albums that date back 30 years or more, and I’m sure their condition is pretty funky, and would benefit from being dealt with by someone who knows how to do it.

How much would someone charge me to do this, what is the job title of such a person, and how do I go about finding one? What questions do I ask that person to find out whether he or she knows what he or she is doing or not? Is there a significant skill difference amongst practitioners that I need to worry about? Should I be looking for someone local or doesn’t that matter?

Any info on these questions – or others that I don’t realize I should be asking – would be much appreciated.

I do this professionally. Please feel free to send me a PM.

That was quick! PM sent – thanks.