Violence, Poverty, and Ancestry

I am not a racist, and I am here only to ask a question not make a statement, and that question is-

, are some ancestries of humans more likely to have genetic traits that lead toward certain behaviors?
In subsaharan Africa violent crimes such as murder and rape happen at a much higher rate than most of the world.
You can check he graph at
Here is an example link Gapminder Tools
Some countries with high murder rate are Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Dem. Rep. of Congo, Cote D’Ivoire.
Although these countries are poor, other countries that are just as poor, or poorer have a far less murder rate, such as Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Soloman Islands, Bosnia, Indonesia, and Pakistan.

South Africa’s murder rate is very high for it’s GDP. It is a odd outlier in the graph. It is not wealthy, but the murder rate is far higher compared to other countries with similar GDP.

Other countries with a high murder rate are Equatorial Guinea, Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico (territory) , and Jamaica. These countries have an unusually high murder rate compared to other countries with similar GDP.

Here in the United States some cities with a very high murder rate are Detroit, New Orleans, St. Louis, Oakland and Memphis. Those cities also have a higher percent of African Americans than most other cities in the U.S.

African Americans have a higher homicide rate than any other ethnic group in this country. Both as victims and as murderers. FBI — Expanded Homicide Data Table 3

I just checked the wikipedia entry on murder rates, and the list of the countries with the highest murder rates is as follow :
4)El salvador
9) Saint Kitts and Nevis
10)South Africa
So, your premice seems to be false. Highest murder rates are to be found in Latin America and within South Africa (Lesotho and Swaziland being inside it), not in Africa in general. So, there’s no need to use ancestry as an explanation for a non-existent fact.

The English have generally been avaricious and unscrupulous.

If you look at the charts here, you’ll see that, off and on, in the past, Europe has had homicide rates as high as the highest of any nation today:

The US states with the highest rape rates have almost no black people.

White Southerners commit murder at a much higher rate that white Americans do in states like Minnesota. What’s the genetics behind that?

It’s interesting to see how often these attempts at genetic explanations collapse in the face of actual facts.

The population of Puerto Rico is just as European as it is African. The nation of Barbados is more African in ancestry than Puerto Rico, but it has much a lower murder rate.

No black people in Greenland. The murder rate there is higher than in 30 sub Saharan African countries.

So, again, no.

Not to mention so goddamned aggressive they make the Mongolians look like a bunch of Norwegian girl scout librarians. Here’s a map showing - in white - the extremely few countries the Brits have not been at war with.

Yes, why are some ancestries of humans more likely to have genetic traits that lead toward being murdered? :smack:

Faulty premises lead to faulty conclusions.

CMC fnord!

That’s good. Not here to make a statement.

I lost count of how many statements you made in that part of your OP. I guess you were correct in that you didn’t make a statement-- you made many statements.

I can’t quote stats, but in my experience in Michigan, Detroit included, was that most criminals were southern in origin or ancestry. There are even jokes about it - "it’s a southern thing " . A 3rd or 4th generation Michigan person or a immigrant, is much less likely to be a asshole. In part, the folks that came north were folks that were no longer welcome “back home”. I’ve known several guys from Kentucky, Tennessee, W Virginia, that had left home under duress - the locals basically ran them out. White or black didn’t seem to matter.

Well no, they may look like statements but he’s really just asking questions, only without question marks.

Here we go again…just once I’d like one of these uhm, not racists, to own up to it.

So an OP that started with both “I’m not a racist” and “I’m just asking a question”.

Although it may appear to just be a southern thing, even in the South, the rate of committing homicide is even higher among black people.

Such as these crime statistics in Alabama ( page 25)

Around the U.S. blacks are 13% of the population, but 48.7% of murder charges.

How does genetics explain the murder rate of white Southerners persistently being 3 to 4 times the rate of white Northerners in the upper Midwest? Essentially the same genetics, but wildly different rates.

I know, you want to focus on demonizing black Americans, but the data just doesn’t support a genetic hypothesis.

My experience was that the southern whites are almost tribal, everything is about their “daddy”. I got really tired of hearing how their “daddy” did this or that, and how no other method would work. Also, they fall back to the bible thing, the eye for a eye thing. Not to worry though, Jesus loves them, no matter how screwed up they are.

Murder violates one of the ten commandments though.

Well, genetics do not explain the southern thing because the South has some kind of an honor system. You see, southeners are known for being more polite despite having a higher murder rate. When someone disrespects a southerner, they take it more offensively so they are more likely to react violently. This is a cultural aspect.

Unfortunately, black people are more likely to commit violent crime in both northern and southern states as well as in different countries. So the Southern Culture wouldn’t explain that issue.

It’s not genetics, it’s epigenetics.