Violent Gang Steals Over 3,500 Pounds of Cheese Worth $23,000 From Farm

wow… although supposedly the cheese is tagged

here’s a more local version to the area story

8 minutes and no cheese puns.
I’m impressed.

Cheese theft is a big issue in Northern Italy. 23,000$? Peanuts!

It makes me blue. People here used to brie so gouda at cheese puns.

So, how cheesed off are the locals?

Thus the origin of the phrase, “Cheese it, the cops!” :smiling_imp:

These thieves are pikers.

If caught in the U.S., they’d be processed, then pasteurized. :scream:

I camembert the thought of all that good cheese being stolen.

Fighting puns since 1973. It’s taking longer than we thought.

Give it back, violent gang. That is nach-o cheese.

Put a bounty on their heads and let Boba Feta handle them.

well they wont be putting the proceeds in the swiss accounts …there’s too many holes there these days

I saw this case on an episode of the Roquefort Files.

Okay…THAT was funny!

If convicted in Wisconsin, the felons could be sentenced to smell our dairy air as they worked at one of the correctional system’s farms.

I have actually treated a number of inmates who had injuries from cows stepping on them. Most such injuries could have been prevented if said inmates had worn their work boots.

Is this a cold kaas file, or will it end on a bad whey?

That may explain why Arthur/Henry Wensleydale had neither Gouda nor Edam.

They had to blow the safe to get the cheese; de brie was everywhere

A cheese sandwich walks into a pub. The landlord says, “Sorry, we don’t serve food.”

It’s actually not very local. It’s from India, not the Netherlands. I was curious about location when the blurb in your post mentioned “Rs. 17 Lakh INR” which certainly doesn’t sound very Dutch.