Violent, Unhappy and Brief - The Life of a School Bully

Fascinating WSJ article


Amazing how little you can know about someone. I hope those that he bullied have healed. I also hope his family grows from this unfortunate situation.

Call me a bad human, but I have very little sympathy. The guy was a jerk his whole life, but I’m supposed to cry because at the very end he’s sorry?

I know plenty of people who had bad home situations. I know a girl who was raped by her stepfather, who videotaped it. He was arrested while she was in high school and everyone knew about it. A good friend of mine suffered abuse at the hands of his father that he still can’t bring himself to talk about. Neither one of them had to torment those around them to feel better.

I am very sorry about his bad home life, but that doesn’t excuse him.

Over in this thread Dinsdale is facing this problem in the here and now. And maybe the kid has similar problems to the one in the story, but does that make it okay for him to terrorize everyone else? Do we shed a tear that he has no friends because of his actions? I’m all for sympathy but there comes a point where we have to say that enough is enough.

I don’t really get the point of the article, looks like a classic deathbed confessional. I only glazed over it, so I may have missed something.

I think the story is as much about what his brothers learned as it is about Douglas.

I’m not saying that what he did was right, or that we should feel sorry for him. I’m more taken back by the fact that his own family didn’t even really know him. Hey - my home life was not sunshine and rainbows - as many home life’s aren’t. I was met after school on many days by the bully - not fun at all. All I hope that his family learns not to pass these traits on to their children.

I wonder if the people he terrorized will now pass on some bad traits to their children.

Apparently I am not representing my thoughts clearly on this World Eater. I’m just stating that its a shame that everyone involved had to go through this situation. And I realize it happens daily for many people. I’m just stating that I hope people have learned and will grow from this unfortunate experience.

Damn, I have a list of peple…

The OP title almost describes the life of a typical victim of bullying.

Except it’s not brief. Well, it usually isn’t. I got roughly 14 years of the stuff myself.

I guess if the story ended with his bullying ways ultimately causing his demise, it would have put some closure on this tale. It sounds as though if he practiced safe sex, he would still be alive, and still a rich, womanizing, asshat, bully.

The story is whether his brothers maybe learned something from all this. I was by no means a bully, but I sometimes wonder about the people I did not-so-nice things to way back when.

I read you Skittles. It seems more like being an asshole caused his demise, which is not necessarily the same as being a bully.

*As being a bully caused his demise.