Virginians (or anyone with advice) check in

Last night my grandfather called. He’s ready to start tying up his affairs. As part of this he wants me and my family to move to Newport News. He wants me to run his company, and after a few years buy him out. He’s offering the use of one of his homes. I said I call him this weekend to discuss it more.


Here’s the thing. I was already thinking on relocating. I’m getting tired of being gouged for every type of service in California. So here’s where I need the advice.

  1. I don’t know much about NN, I visited before but didn’t tour. Is it a good place to live? How’s the Economy? The Schools?

  2. I’ve always made my own way. I paid for college myself. I worked my way into a pretty good career. The the business he runs is successful but, it feels weird being sort of handed something.

  3. My grandfathers a Minister. I’m a former minister turned atheist/agnostic. Is this somethng I should be up front about if I accept his offer. Anyone see a potential for this being a major problem?

For all of the above, I haven’t yet mentioned this to my wife. I was hoping for some advice before I talk about it tonight.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, stuffinb, I can’t help you out a lot on your questions, but wanted to say I think it sounds like a nice opportunity for you, and wish you the best of luck.

**I don’t know, but it sounds to me that it may be because of your hard work and paying your own way that played a big part in his decision.

Again, best of luck, whatever you end up doing!

I live in Richmond and have never lived in NN, but here’s some things to consider:

Tidewater traffic is a complete and utter mess. The road system down there is always under construction, repair, etc. I get a headache every time I have to drive through.

NN is a real company town (NN Shipbuilding and Drydock Company). The economy is strong as long as gov’t contracts are free flowing.

NN has a reputation as being pretty blue collar. I have never heard much about cultural activities, etc. but you can always run down to Norfolk or come up to Richmond for what little we have to offer.

In general, the whole Tidewater region is growing like a fungus. The prices probably won’t approach anything comparable to CA, but neither will the opportunities.

My .02 which is about all its worth.


Make sure you talk to your wife PRONTO and never, never, never admit that you posted on the message board before talking to her…

sorry, can’t help re the rest.

Newport News is very close to Virginia Beach . The area is called Tidewater. Tourist destinations abound. Good luck.

Gazoo Thanks, after re-reading I think you may be right.

wring My wife knows that I use you guys for a sounding board sometimes, and doesn’t mind, though I do intend to talk to her about it today. I’m just trying to sound this out and see if it sound right for me.

dustMagnate & plnnrThanks for the info.

Let’s see. The traffic comment was right, but there are tons of ways to aviod it. Just pick where you live carefully. The good news is that if you work on that side of the River, you won’t hit much traffic. The only time it’s really bad is when you’re going from one side to the other.

While there’s not a lot of culture now, that is changing. They are trying to introduce more arts into the school and surrounding communities. You’re best bet is to go to Norfolk for most of that though.
Houseing isnt’ too bad, depening on what you’re used to. I was in a fairly nice 2 bedroom apartment overlooking a lake and paid about $900 a month. While it’s true that things cost less here, also keep in mind that the average wage is less also.

This is a good point, and consider if the bussiness you’re going to be running depends on this. While it’s hard to forsee everything, ask your grandfather about past trends.

Good luck.