The aren’t alive, but what ARE they? Errant computer programs on the level of a double helix? RNA, DNA chains that have deadly mutations woven into themselves? Do we carry most/all virii within us all the time and allow them out though holes in our immune systems? Will virii be the end of the human race someday? Is it possible that ALL life is BASED on what technically ARE virii? I dare ya to try this.


      • Some of the simplest virii are better thought of as chemical compounds that in a favorable environment, can disassemble (some) other compounds and replicate themselves. - Try what? - MC

Viruses are teensy-weensy lil critters with protein shells and the ability to harness the resources of another larger critter’s cells to mass produce identical teensy-weensy copies of themselves.

I personally believe we may encounter one that will be our undoing. They’re too damned simple and they mutate too quickly due to their fast replication rate.