i ran my anti virus program yesterday and it said i have ptsnoop.exe in there-apparantly it is some AOL password stealing program
has anyone else had this? i think i quarantined it and i changed passwords-what else should i do?
the program couldn’t delete it

Easy solution. Remove AOL. You’ll thank me later.

saeren: LMAO!

More seriously. This thing probably tagged itself a hidden or system file (maybe both). If you set Windows Explorer to show all files, you maybe able to delete it manually or at least change the attributes so that your AV package can delete. Just a WAG, but worth a shot.

And get some Anti-virus software. One option is InnoculateIT at – it’s free.

Put ‘ptsnoop.exe’ in your browser search box, presto! You know what the world thinks of it & what to do :slight_smile:

I saw ptsnoop.exe in my task list a couple of months ago and did some research. I found that it is harmless despite its ominous sounding name. It’s a driver for HSP modems. HSP modems use software drivers in place of an internal chip to reduce manufacturing costs.

I removed the file with Startup Cop since I use a cable modem, but it is necessary if you use your analog modem to connect to the Internet.