Visions of Zombies and Phantasmic Forces

Some people see Jesus is pancakes. I see the Evil Dead in doors.
I sat on a patio tonight and beheld this vision reflected in a windex wiped window.
Do you see the zombie?

In my mind, I saw a Zombie, and with a little imagination The Tall Man from Phantasm, an orb reflected to the left.

Quite obvious and quite eerie. It was only visible from my seat and angle. A foot in any direction and it was obliterated by glare or distortion.

The photos are from a cell phone camera at a zoomsetting, due the small dimension.

Or, is it Obeah!?

It looks like the Misfits logo to me.

Ummm…yes it does. Damnit.
I don’t need this shit. Why do I always see shit that makes me question reality.

(I know it is a smeared window, but what more? Why this?)

Clearly it’s Tallulah Bankhead from Die! Die! My Darling!