Visit Houston, get blowed up

Too funny to me to be in the Pit or GD

Tom Delay sez stay outta Houston:

If Iraq is doing so well, I’m amazed that Mr. DeLay hasn’t made a trip over himself.

It should be part of his sentencing…

“Incredible quality of life”? :dubious: Pardon me, Mr. DeLay, but Houston was recently named one of the dirtiest metropolitan areas in the country.

Well, that’s just…um…the entirely harmless effluvia of a thriving industrial economy! Yeah, that’s it!

Yeah, but look at the cities it beat out.

St Louis

Pretty much a who’s who of the biggest cities (of course with a few exceptions).

I guess the people in NYC who pay $6000/mo or whatever for a one bedroom apartment never got the memo that they live in the next-to-dirtiest city. But I’m not trying to bash anybody’s city, I don’t want to get in the way of a good ol’ DeLay bashing.

“Go to Iraq. And see what’s actually happening there.”

Like, how? Enlist, maybe? Because there’s just about no other way to get there.

I’m sure the Texas Bureau of Tourism is going to use this in years to come

“Y’all come on down to Houston. You’ll be as safe here as those folks over in Baghdad”

It hasn’t been a good time for Houston. It’s also been named among America’s fattest and sweatiest cities.

I live in Houston, but not by choice. Yes, my location is a Concrete Swamp, and it is indeed a dirty, sweaty, fat city that I loathe. And yet I wish Tom Delay would stay as far away from it as is frigging possible. Like, Baghdad far.

It’s by the average over the metro area, not just the city. Those who pay $6000/mo or whatever are not likely to live in the “dirty” part.

And at least in Baghdad, you don’t get the damned humidity.

Hey, I’m a native Houstonian.

All that crap about Houston being the dirtiest city in America is just that - crap. Houston is what the other cities want to be when they grow up; they’re just jealous.

I’ve lived in a bunch of places around the world and I keep coming back here, because Houston is where it’s at.

I lived in Houston for a while many years ago and I found it to be endlessly repulsive. Recently I had occasion to revisit that toilet; the sprawl, lack of urban planning, and fat sweaty redneck pig factor was many times as bad as I remembered.

It may not be literally the “dirtiest” city in the US, but it is without question one of the very most unpleasant places in the US.

I think Delay has spent his adult life in either Southwest Houston or some DC cloakroom, and simply doesn’t remember what a nice place looks like. Baghdad probably does look pretty swank to that guy.

Houston, not as seen on TV.
Not that’s a slogan.