Visit my website, why doncha?

Yes, this is shameless whoring for my website, right here. It’s just something I do to sorta keep myself sane and exercise a little creativity.

The reason why I’m posting this now is because I’ve been in a writing funk since last July, where nothing seemed funny, and the words just weren’t coming. I think I’ve found a way to break out of it, and I don’t mind feedback of any kind, as long as it’s constructive, and not of the “This sucks” variety.

There are no pop-ups, I’m not selling anything, there are no links or sponsors, you won’t get spammed. If you want to be added to my totally free subscription list, email me via the link at the bottom of my site. I send notices whenever the site is updated, and no one sees the list or your email addy.

This is not a business for me, just a hobby. In fact, it costs me just a little money every month for my web maintenance.


PS – Anyone who was previously on my subscription list – contact me. I accidentally deleted my address book when I got a new computer, so you may not be on my new list.