Visiting Chicago

About a month or so ago, I thought there was a thread here about things for visitors to do in Chicago. Now, I am visiting downtown Chicago this weekend and would like to see that thread. However, I tried a search and couldn’t find the thread.

I don’t want those big-city slickers to think I am just a simple Cheese Head. Can someone please refer me to that thread? Then everybody won’t have to write the same things all over again here.

Visit the Museam (sp?) of Science & Industry.
Shedd aquarium.
Field museaum (sp?) of natural history

Chicago historical society has a display on the Great Fire.

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If your into this kind of stuff, try the river boat tour. (Have your concierge get you tickets at least a day in advance, or you can buy them at a small stand on the wharf area near the Watertower.)

It’s pretty neat. (Especially if you’re footsore.) They cruise you along and point out a lot of the neat architectural stuff.

If you like great food (that won’t set you back $50 a plate), try Reza’s–Persian food. GREAT stuff. Seafood to break your heart, and lamb like you’ve never had.

Sorry, driveling on here. But do check out Shedd Aquarium, Museum of Sci and Industry and the Art Institute.

Or, hell, just hit the loop and shop till you drop. The usual “big names” are there, but a lot of neat, offbeat stores, too. BTW, consider getting a CTA card; the train system is easy to use, and fun to boot. You can get the CTA cards at machines in most of the major stations.

Have a ball!


What I fondly recall:

Sears Tower view at daytime (after noon so the sunlight is on downtown)

Hancock at night (or day, less of a line than Sears)

Chicago pizza at Gino’s East. I was warned that this is a tourist trap, but I enjoyed the pizza immensely.

Marshall Fields on State Street (old huge department store, fun to wander around)

Take the El around the Loop (purple Ravenswood is a good one). Great views of the buildings.

There are tons of excellent museums. Don’t go unless you have the better part of a day to spend in one. My favorite is the Science and Industry.

My wife and I took a trip there and made a little web page about it.

I haven’t been to Geno’s East since we got thrown out after the ND/Northwestern game in 1991.

I’m landing at O’Hare Friday morning at nine, and the only thing on my schedule is to go stand in front of the Auditorium Theater and curse the memory of the last time I was there (think Illini Women’s Hockey and you’ll get an idea of the variety of heartbreak and backache involved…)

But now I have to go get pizza. Thanks for the memories, Cheese Head.

Word of advice: If you’re staying downtown, and don’t have a car, be sure to get dinner before 9:00, or go to bed hungry. Everything closes at 9. That’s what happened to me the last time I was there.

Like everyone else, I have to say hit the museums. I like the Art Institute, which has a few of the “Hey, I know that painting!” paintings.

Sears Towers is a typical tourist thing. Might as well since everyone will ask you about it back at home later.

If you’re the shopping type, Michigan Ave and the Loop in general has all sorts of fun stores. If you want… umm… odder stores, try up on North Clark where they hide all the fetish/new age/etc type stores.

Back to museums, the new Museum Campus is a day trip worth doing. Field Museum of Natural History, Shedd Aquarium & Adler Planetarium all in one spot (more or less) and the Adler’s just re-opened, so they have neat stuff going on.

Hit the lake. It’s mighty cold water, but a nice thing to walk along.

Really, without sounding like a commerical, there’s tons of worthwhile things to do in Chicago and it’s hard to waste a day if you at least leave the hotel.

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Don’t forget Brookfield or Lincoln Park Zoo.

Brookfield Zoo:
Lincoln Park Zoo:

Also, check out . They’ve got a theater guide, list of events, restaurant guide, etc.

Don’t forget

My favorites were Nude (Reclining), Farragamoo, and Incownito.

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Oh! Even if you’re not going to visit Chicago any time soon, scope this URL out, and click on the three thumbnail images at the bottom for some gorgeous high-res night photos:

Cool, huh? The Hancock center is a cool building (3rd tallest in Chicago, IIRC), and unlike the more famous Sears Tower, it’s not butt-ugly!

The Museum of Science and Industry rocks too.

peas on earth

One little known but totally cool museum spot is the Oriental Institute. Its a museum decicated to the ancient east and mid east (like ancient egypt, Assyria, babylonia, etc), and has some of the coolest exhibits in this area any where in the world. I don’t have an address or website, but its located on the campus of the University of Chicago, as short Metra ride from the loop.

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Thanks for all the advice. Sorry we can’t seem to find the thread from about a month ago on the same topic. Oh well, maybe we should just start a new thread anytime one of us is visiting Chicago for the first time. heh heh!

Funnest thing my wife and I ever did in Chicago (well, second funnest) was to visit the Board of Trade. It’s in the Loop, easy to get to. They have a spectator’s gallery. If you’ve ever seen “Trading Places” it’s the place where they trade o.j. futures, among other things.

Otherwise we used to just watch the people go by. Sooner or later one of everything goes by in the streets of Chicago.

My wife really liked the shopping, of course.

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Sorry, forgot to mention that the Board of Trade keeps bankers hours. No weekends. Didn’t read the OP closely enough. Go to the Museum of Science and Industry. They have a U-boat and a real coal mine.

“If you had manifested fatigue upon noticing that you had been an ass, that would have been logical, that would have been rational; whereas it seems to me that to manifest surprise was to be again an ass.”
Mark Twain
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc

Next door to the Randolph Street Metra Station (commuter trains) is the Museum of Broadcast Communications. It’s not really big, like the Field and the Science and Industry, but it has some fun exhibits about the history of radio and television, including some local things like Garfield Goose.

Pluto: What was the first funnest? :wink:

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

While you’re out there, you can pick up a couple of copies of The Chicago Reader.

Steer clear of the south side. Fellah by the name of Leroy Brown down there? He’s
B-A-D! For more on this, check out the worst songs thread.

<font size=6>Chicago Pizza!

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I am back from my weekend in Downtown Chicago. I enjoyed it. Good weather and lots to see and do. Went to Shedd Aquarium and the Lakeshore, Art Institute, Sears Tower, Grant Park, Buckingham Fountain, Marshall Fields, and took a trolley tour. Left the car in Harvard, IL and rode the Metra train into the city. Walked and took taxis to get around downtown. Downtown parking is very expensive, and the traffic is bad, of course. I thought the museum and trolley were a little over priced, too, but I still enjoyed. Oh, the pizza was good. The people could be a little friendlier, but at least I wasn’t mugged. I look forward to visiting again some time and seeing other sites (Science and Industry, Navy Pier, Hancock Tower, more pizza,…).