vista to Windows 7, but not working for games

My wife finally got rid of VISTA and did a full new installation of Windows 7. She likes to play simple hidden objects detective type games; but now can’t get any of the downloaded ones to work. I suspect there are drivers that need to be updated or installed. Is this a common problem that is easily rectified? We don’t know which drivers need to be installed nor are we sure if that is the issue.

She got a game going from a CD working ok, there was a video card error.

I recognize I’m not giving much information, but is there a place we can start that might be able to easily download and update any drivers? or do you know if this is a common problem with an easy fix?

Normally there are no problems going from Vista to 7. The jump to Vista or 7 from XP is more significant.

Needs more info: is it 64 or 32 bit Windows? Did you change that status with the upgrade?

Generally you could google the name of the game + windows 7 problems. Or check the website for them. What error?

Video card drivers are pretty universal these days, but you can also get a file that autodetects it for you. Nvidia and AMD make most of the video cards; any other company probably means a crappy video card.