Visual InterDev, ASP ?

I’m still quite new to Visual InterDev (VID), in fact this is my second web app and the first one developed with VID.

I’m having debugging problems, I think.

VID is on a client (my development machine). IIS and the service that processes the XML is on a server. The application that processes the XML can’t be on the client because of a software conflict.

I am customizing an existing, out of the box, ‘does every thing application’ that uses lots of javascript. My ASP is vbScript.

I have set up remote debugging, and am able to debug, line by line my vbScript ASP pages. But, as soon as a javascript function is called in a .js file (runs locally) I can no longer step through the code.

Questions -

  1. Can VID debug a javascript file? Shouldn’t I be able to ‘step’ through them?

  2. Am I having problems because IIS and the XML service is loaded on a different machine than VID?

Side note:
I could set up IIS, the XML service and VID on my development machine. But it will take some doing. And, I’ll loose a piece of software that I need a great deal (because of the software conflict).

I’ve been told that the software conflict is resolved in the new version of software. We have it, but my boss won’t let us install it yet. “It’s too new and may be full of bugs”. I have already pushed for the install. Before I push any harder, I would like to know that it’s not a VID issue. (The conflict is between two pieces of software built by the same company. ESRI, Geographic Information System software [it conflicts itself. ESRI built the XML service as well. :rolleyes:], an incredibly big, if not the biggest COM development).

Just one bump, then I’ll leave it be.

Local code in the .js file can’t be debugged using the server-side debugger. However you should be able to sort out the client-side debugging if you have a quick dig into IE.

When you installed InterDev it should have installed the MS script debugger (if it hasn’t I think you can download it for free from their website, or have a dig around on the Visual Studio CDs). Have a look in your Internet Explorer options under the Advanced tab. Under the Browsing section there should be an option called “Disable script debugging”. If this is ticked, untick it.

Now when the client-side javascript throws an error it should invoke the debugger and you’ll get a better look at the code.

If you have VS.Net installed the respective versions of the debugger tend to occasionally pre-empt each other, so which one it opens in is pretty much up to chance sometimes.

Feel free to email me if I can help more.