Vitamin C Class Action lawsuit

If you take vitamin C, or not, and also read Time Mag., check out the legal notice on page 58 of the Aug. 6 issue of Time Magazine. My own reaction is such that I can’t post here.

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Why do you say this? Here is one of your personal quotes (and I found many more nastier ones) :

“In my jurisdiction, you would not be on the jury, but you’d get to wear some shiny bracelets and have a free prostate exam before cooling your heels in a cell for a few days”.

I only asked a simple question, and you want to report me? For what?

We have specific forums for different types of conversations.
You originally poted in “General Questions”. That forum is only for questions with FACTUAL answers.
You thread does not belong there. He only reported it so the mods could move it to the correct forum.
Piece of advice - you really should lurk a while here before you jump in. This ain’t 4chan.

Was there a factual question you were seeking to have answered? Because there’s not one in your original post. Just sayin’.

Also, could you give us SOME hint as to what the issue is? “Hey, go read a specific page of a magazine for a topic that I’m not even willing to comment on” isn’t doing it for me. There are lots of pages of lots of magazines that I have no comment on, for that matter. Please check them all and get back to me.

Also, if you “can’t post your reaction here” because it’s too visceral or something, we have a forum for that. It’s called the barbecue pit. I’m pretty sure you’ll never beat Argent Tower’s pit threads in terms of disturbing visualizations of your vitriol, so I’m fairly sure you can post it.

This OP may have even less content than the standard “Hey, check out this Youtube video, what do you guys think?” post.

Apparently, the issue is that a Chinese company was sued under antitrust laws for attempting to fix the price of Vitamin C imports to the US. Not really seeing what kind of unprintable reaction this would garner.

I found that article, but I couldn’t be sure if that’s what he was on about since that article says it’s from back in May. I can’t imagine two class action lawsuits involving Vitamin C happening in a year, though.

As stated in my post, I reported this thread for a forum change. In my opinion, it does not belong in GQ because it does not contain a question to which there is a factual answer. A mod will consider the report, and either move the thread or not.

I announced that I had done so because I suspect that other posters would also report the thread for the same reason. Knowing that I have already done so may spare the mod from getting multiple reports on a single issue.

It’s nothing personal against you, no insult intended. Just a simple housekeeping matter.

It leaves one to wonder if you will be unaffected by whatever problem it is if you only take Vitamin C or only read Time magazine, but not both. :smiley:

Since I do take Vitamin C, apparently I have to avoid reading Time magazine…

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Crater, please summarize the issue and explain what makes you have such a strong reaction.

Crater, please take a 'lude and chill. You are wound way too tight to be healthy.