Vocab gurus… help!

Hasten forward quickly, there!

Are you sure “Move like you’ve got a purpose” isn’t it? That phrase was used in Top Gun, and by a drill sargeant in a movie of which I’m not sure the title. Google it and you’ll see it’s at least in somewhat common usage.

I just love that so many people have offered good suggestions, and the poster has not even let us know if we’re getting close.


Like a bat out of hell… that has no time for bullshit?

The military/training slang for this would be “sense of urgency”, e.g. “Move with a sense of urgency” or “Show a sense of urgency.”

How about “[defecate] or get off the pot?”

On a mission.

I do apreciate you help, but frankly I just haven’t heard it yet. Logic suggests I probally am just experiencing a brain fart and the word doesn’t even exist. But, my gut says it does… For the sake of my sanity I might just have to let this one go.



Make like a tree and leave.

Make like a banana and split.

We’re off like a herd of turtles.

We’re off like a turd of herdles.

I’m off like a dirty shirt.

Going to see a man about a horse (or dog)?

I’ve got (things to do,) places to go and people to meet.

run for the money

moving/running like. . .

. . . tin can tied to his tail

. . . the devil/IRS/YOUR FAVORIYE BOGEYMAN is after him

. . . his pants are on fire

To book.