Vocal Notation for The Eagles' 7 Bridges Road

Does anyone know where I can find the vocal notation for the acapella part of the Eagles song “Seven Bridges Road”?


I transcribed it. As soon as the other computer is back on line (the dog ate my network cable…really) I’ll post it for you.

Sweet. I really appreciate that!

How many parts are there? I think I hear 4…

There was an Eagles video (Hotel California live, IIRC) that shows a bit of this song being performed. I believe it was just three parts: Don Henley, Glenn Frey, & Randy Meisner.

There are at least 5. I transcribed it for 4, since there are only 4 of us…:slight_smile:

The dog ate my homework, I swear!

Whew! That took longer than I expected. I have excuses, but in any case, here’s the chart I wrote:

Seven Bridges Road

WOW You apparently rock!

Thanks a lot…

Did you know that file has only half the song?

I appreciate what you posted, even if it is just half, but thought you may have the rest…?

Ah, the rest is easy if you know your parts. The differences between verses are minor, and the other section (“Sometime there’s a part of me…”) is in unison.

Someone posted this but the file doesn’t seem to open…any chance of posting again

Try this. (Click on Seven Bridges Road link)

This is probably a stupid question and most definitely a hijack, but how does a person know what notes to sing when reading music? I mean, I know how to read music and recognize an A note, for example, and know what to do with my fingers to produce it. If someone asked me to play an A sharp or whatever, I’d know how to do that. Do singers learn to translate the notes into the sounds they sing? I mean, I guess they obviously do, but *how *?