Vocalist who are lead guitarists

I was thinking about Dire Straits the other day and realized something odd- Mark Knopfler was both the singer and the lead guitarist. This seems unusual to me; except for three-piece bands I can’t think of any other notable group in which the lead singer also played lead guitar (that is, full-time, so excluding artists like Prince who often doesn’t even have a guitar in his songs).

Nearly always it seems that the lead vocalist plays rhythm guitar (see Metallica), or even bass (Cream). Even Dave Mustaine, who was a lead guitarist in Metallica, became a rhythm guitarist when he formed Megadeth.

Am I overlooking someone? Lots of someones?

Stevie Ray
Robert Cray
Johnny Lang
Pete Townsend, sometimes

Jerry Garcia, who sang half of the Grateful Dead’s lead vocals, and all the vocals in his own solo group, the Jerry Garcia Band…

Pete Townshend also sings a fair amount of the Who’s material, in addition to his guitar playing.

Eric Clapton
Chuck Berry
John Mayer
Junior Brown
I used to do both when I was gigging.

Todd Rundgren (he shares lead duty with Jesse Gress onstage).

Just off the top of my head:

Peter Green w/ Fleetwood Mac
Peter Frampton
Lindsey Buckingham
Alvin Lee w/ Ten Years After

I’m sure others will come to me

Er… David Gilmour out of wossname, Pink something?

Frank Zappa
Paul Weller (post Jam)

Did George Harrison keep playing lead guitar when singing lead vocals?

Glenn Tillbrook of Squeeze.

Ted Nugent
B.B. King
George Throrogood

Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra

Bob Mould
D. Boon

Jim James: My Morning Jacket

I was going to cite Mould, but both Husker Du and Sugar were three-piece bands. I dunno how many band members he has for his solo work, though.

Was going to post him. :slight_smile: Just to note that they were a four-member band (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums), plus a string section of various sizes for most of their run.

Generally 4, though one is a keyboard player, so it’s still just 1 guitar.

Claudio Sanchez of Coheed & Cambria kind of shares lead duties with guitarist Travis Stever.

Bruce Springsteen when he chooses to play lead vs. Nils or Steve Van Zandt…

Pink Floyd – Syd Barrett, then David Gilmour
Be Bop Deluxe – Bill Nelson
Mothers of Invention – Frank Zappa (whether he was the lead singer is debatable; I would say he was the lead singer in the later incarnations)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Well, if bands with only 1 guitarist don’t count, I’ll go with Mick Jones from The Clash (though he only sang lead rarely).