Vocals shattering glass

I come to your aid!

Whilst reading your artical about sound waves breaking glass, I was remiss to read about someone claiming it was impossable to do so with just the larynx [ inset whomever you credit such things to] gave us. Not so!

I admit a love/hate relationship with the show ‘Mythbusters’. While I find their scientific process to be lacking, and their results often sckewed, I do SO enjoy watching things blow up.

In one episode, rock singer Jaime Vendera shattered a glass, with nothing more then his pipes. I give you the link to the wikipedia entry of the show. You’ll have to track down the acutal episode itself for alas, I do not have it.


I hope this does not fall on deaf ears, and keep up the good work!

-Brian of Raleigh, NC

I forgot to include the original artical!

Vocals Shattering Glass