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Ow! Ow! That hurts my brain!! :eek:

Pretty damn clever, though.

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The only thing I gleaned from that whole thing is that “tit beef whore” is my new favorite insult.

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I tried “voice wreck ignition soft where” once when I had a bunch of stuff to type. The result was hilarious but useless … yours seems to be quite good though.

Yeah, I know this is a joke, but did you really use any “voice wreck ignition soft where”? Google’s new transcription feature on YouTube seems to do this sort of thing, but the actual transcriptions still make grammatical sense.

At least I know that Colophon did not use OCR or handwriting recognition software, unless it was a really old one that does not use a dictionary. I mean, even the software on my PDA from 6 years ago used a dictionary.

Notvoir recognition, but I’m using my Wasom tablet and handwriting recognition software to write this boat! It works reasonably were most of the time, but it has been thrown on oration to Mate some embarrassing Mi-taters! Tits is Poetry true if I write very gutsy and sloppily Sold!

I wish you the best of lurk with your automatic distortion software.

Is it just me or did this remind anyone else of the Mars/English translator in Mars Attacks! ?

I hate every single one of you.

This post was made using Dragon dictation voice recognition software on my iPhone looks to be pretty accurate program so far it looks like it’s Neil pretty much everything I said
The only problem with this application is that it’s too accurate. It’s not as funny as everybody else’s voice recognition software I can’t seem to fool it
I know this looks like I typed the entire message but in all actuality I have dictated the entire this entire post through the dragon dictation software so far it said at least 90% accuracy which is pretty amazing

Has anyone ever use tit beef whore? Yes for both.

Eye fused tit beef whore when aye need Ed to test it bulwark. Ives not been imp rest. Mactech, oar punt shoo aye shun needs work.

Alcohol helps immensely with reading these wreck-ignitioned-posts FWIW.

I’m using Dragon on my iPhone also, and actually it is almost 100% accurate. I’ve discovered that if you recite the punctuation mark as you’re speaking, it will insert it into the appropriate place. This is a pretty amazing piece of software. I am using it to dictate this post. The best part is that it is absolutely free. I can’t believe that they don’t charge for it. The only problem is that you can’t multitask on an iPhone. You have to copy your text to clipboard and then paste it into your application. But this is without a doubt the most amazing single application for the iPhone ever.

Howl oak and Yugo?

Mmmmm tit beef whore…