voip phone service

if someone has a voip home phone, do they not just automatically have internet access as a result (since its voice over internet)?

*I have a friend that just got home phone service that’s a voip setup. she said she was very clear with them about not wanting anything bundled - no cell phone, internet, or TV services - just the home phone, and she’s sure that she doesn’t have internet access.

I’m having a hard time imagining how her connection isn’t at least internet capable, regardless whether or not she does or ever would use it for such.

Yes, you’re correct but it doesn’t mean they could automatically use the internet as well. The VoIP could be routed through a special adapter configured specifically for phones, or internet speed could be capped that would make net surfing very tedious.

I know that I can order VOIP phone service from AT&T U-Verse just by itself. I have no idea what kind of adapter they provide, but internet service is an add-on. Seems probable that they provide a modem similar to the one I have (2 phone lines, internet, TV, and wi-fi) but crippled by configuration so the data jack doesn’t work. A friend of mine, for example, has the exact same modem, but the phone jacks and TV connection don’t work…just the data and the wi-fi router.

How much is she paying for this service? Does she not have internet at her house? You can get standalone VOIP from many companies for about $10/mo. It may not cost all that much more for her to get internet service and then use her own VOIP service on top of that.

As a test to see if she has internet, she can try connecting her laptop into the data port of the cable modem with an ethernet cable and see if she can connect to websites.

it is AT&T U-verse

a little over $50 a month.

I told her to get a cheap internet connection and do the free or cheap VOIP service over that connection, she just isn’t concerned about having the internet. my thoughts were, like it or not, she’s already paying for it and might even have it.

I’ll try that with a laptop and see what it does (I’ll just need to borrow a laptop 1st).

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But VOIP numbers cost less than $5 or $10/month, so something does not add up.

That sounds a bit steep for VoIP service only. I’m assuming it’s not a business package.

My VoIP number is independent of anything and costs less then $50 a year. i think my internet through Comcast comes with a VoIP number too, but I don’t know what it is and have never hooked a phone into it.

No, it doesn’t add up, and I may know why.

VOIP is a service that rides on top of an internet connection, much like an email account. If you’re shopping for VOIP providers, you’re shopping for the add-on service, not the underlying internet connection. (I’m certain DPRK knows this, but it may be fuzzy to others).

It seems pretty clear that AT&T Is charging the OP’s friend not only for a VOIP phone number but also for the internet connection that VOIP number requires (whether they’re billed as separate line items or not).

If the OP’s already had internet access, then $50/month would be (information super-) highway robbery. But she didn’t, and $40/month for internet access plus $10/month for a VOIP number is on par with most parts of the US. It’s high, but not outrageously so.

Again, VOIP telephony without internet access works about as well as light bulbs without electricity. Even if AT&T doesn’t say they’re providing internet access to the OP’s friend, the are. Your friend’s VOIP number can’t work without it.

I do VOIP on my cell phone in my place. Despite living in a big city my current place has almost no cell service (highrise).

I can set my cell phone to use my Wi-Fi connection and poof…perfect service.

It is free, just a selection I can tell my phone to use. I still pay my monthly cell phone bill same as always as well as my internet connection.

I had to go over there tonight and hook things up. it wasn’t working. they ran their over the phone diagnostics and said looks to be on their end. I’ll know more about this tomorrow morning when their tech comes out. I suspect what you’ve said is 100% accurate.

this also is 100% accurate.

That is horribly expensive for VoIP, IMHO. Even if your intrinsically paying for a very basic Internet connection.