Volleyball is my favorite sport. I play a lot. Any other players here?

I love to play sand volleyball and regular volleyball, though my enthusiasm far outweighs my talent.

In high school I played varsity at the end of my freshmen year, but gave it all up to pursue boys. In retrospect I should have stuck with volleyball.

Sand Volleyball takes up a large portion of my week. I play in leagues three nights every week (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday – the latter two with Sledman and Mrs. Sledman). Then there are tournaments (more so in summer), and charity events, etc.

It’s a nice way to get some exercise and see friends. Luckily we have a place that has indoor sand courts, otherwise I’d have to take the entire winter off every year. I haven’t played on a hard court in years, and quite frankly, I’m not sure the knees can take it anymore. It would be cool to see if the vertical has increased though.

I can’t wait until May when we can back to the outdoors…

I believe that volleyball is one of the best sports around! I played it from my freshman year to my senior year…with the exception of my junior year where I was cut. Boy did the coach get harked on by previous coaches, parents, players, and even our athletic director for that one. So what did she do my senior year…well she kept me on the team but benched me for the whole season…once again out raging everyone again. Its all good because I made her look bad for benching me on the few times I got to play…can I say it truly pissed her off. Anyway I would kill to be able to play once again…here I am in college and well nobody to play with…its kind of sad. In all volleyball is the bomb!

I love volleyball. It is pretty much the only sport I play and almost the only one I enjoy watching. I have played since I was in 7th grade and I hope that I will start in my last year on the team as a middle. Ugh, damned tall [6’2"] girl taking my spot this last season. [I’m 5’9"]

oops i always forget my junior high years…anyway I want to correct myself because I played volleyball from 7-12th exlcuding 11th. Anyhow I played setter…the reason i liked playing it for one I was good at it and the other you always got the 2nd hit!

Volleyball has been a love of my life for many years, as a player and now a coach. I’ve played indoor 6’s, and outdoor 4’s and 2’s extensively, with the two-person game being my favorite.

One of the aspects of the game that I enjoy is that, although height and jumping ability are a big help (and I have neither), you can NOT substitute skills. It’s one of the few sports where you simply can’t begin to play without knowing the basics. It’s possible to hide a weak player in basketball, baseball, football, and almost every other sport. It’s nearly impossible in volleyball.

I have a fond memory of college when I found myself in a game against some members of the football team. This was an officiated match, so they couldn’t pull any nonsense. You want to laugh? Watch a lineback attempt to set a volleyball some time. But the best part was when I, as the setter, backset a ball to one of my hitters. They didn’t know you could do that, and having committed to blocking the player in front of me, went sailing away in the opposite direction. The helpless looks on their faces remain with me to this day.

Now I coach middle school kids, and have found volleyball to be a very difficult game to teach. There isn’t much chance for “instant gratification” such as one can get in basketball (where even if you are pretty weak you can heave the ball up and get a lucky basket sometimes). It takes a lot of work to learn to pass (bump) properly, but I am highly rewarded when the kids get it.

My favorite volleyball expression comes from an old teammate of mine. During a match in which we were serving poorly he called a time out and told us, “Look guys, there are 900 square feet on a volleyball court - put the ball in ONE of them!”

I like volleyball. I used to have a little knack for serving, meaning that I was elevated from the level of “useless junk” all the way up to “minor liability.”

My best spot is as server, because of my jump serve and ability to both jump serve and stand-serve (sort of . . . me not jumping when I serve, but the ball going as hard). It’s fun.

However, I’m only 5’10", so that makes playing most any other position rather difficult in any sort of organized league. I’m a lefty, though, which makes things MUCH more interesting:-)

I love volleyball . . .

Another player here. The skills came very early to me (I remember playing in junior high school pe class and the teacher taking me aside and asking if I practiced). I was able to hit a floater serve with absolutely no spin almost from day one - I’ve seen my serve break a good five feet after it crossed the net.

I’m only about 5’10" so I’ve always set in the leagues in which I play. Someone else mentioned backsetting, which is a favorite tactic of mine. If my setting is off I always rotate back on defense and get the hell out of the way of the big hitters (I had a 7’1" outside hitter on one team - a former basketball player at UNC. That was just a joy to watch. He would send other teams diving for the sidelines to get out of the way of his kills. I have caps on three of my front teeth from catching one of his kills flat inthe face during practice.)

Got to see the NCAA women’s championship here in Richmond last year.

Another volleyball lover here. I’ve played off and on at various levels for many years. I’m back to playing regularly, but not as often as I’d like. I also help out (wouldn’t call it coaching) with my school’s team (I work at a college). I love all aspects of the game. Although I like beach volleyball, I am much more a fan of the good old-fashion indoor 6 game.

You’re lucky, plnnr. I would love to go to the NCAA final four sometime. I’ve been to the NCAA tournament twice with two different schools, one Division I, one Division III. We never made it past the first weekend, though.

I wish they showed more international competition on TV. I watched whatever I could catch during the Olympics, but it wasn’t easy to find. The best match I ever saw in person was the Japanese national women’s team versus the Penn State team back when I was in high school.

I was the only Male Volleyball enthusiast in my school, so I was repressed…:frowning: I got to play for a church league, although, being in the locker room with the women would have been my preference!

I feel your pain, ChrisP. There aren’t a lot of men’s teams in high school or college. In high school, I played in the morning before school. There were usually only three or four of us. :frowning: We played 2 on 1 a lot. I also was a manager for the girl’s team, which was fun, but I never got in the locker room either.

In college, we had a club team, which wasn’t particularly good, but at least I got to play. Now I’m playing coed adult rec, which is fairly decent. We even run a 6-2 offense.

This thread makes me want to start playing again! I didn’t take it up until I was out of college and playing in a work league. Luckily our captain had coaching experience, and the leagues were all reffed, so I never developed any really bad habits. By the third year, I was playing at BB level (the second highest city league in Omaha). One of my mixed teams was very impressive looking, the heights of the guys was 6’5", 6’5", 6’3", 5’10", and the girls were 6’1", 6’0", 5’10", and 4’11". The 4’11" girl was married to one of the 6’5" guys! During the 1988 season, I was playing in 5 leagues, 3 indoor mixed, 1 indoor men’s, and one sand mixed. At the second game of the season, I went up for a block, came down, and landed on the hitter’s foot, resulting in a blown out anterior cruciate ligament. That put me out for a year, during which I changed jobs and moved to a less VB mad town. I started again, just once or twice a week for about 4 years before changing jobs and moving again. Since then my playing has been very hit & miss (pun intended). My favorite VB moments were getting a beatiful back set and watching a couple people on the other side duck&cover because their blockers went the wrong way, and watching the other team’s blockers get more and more frustrated until they finally realize (in the third game) that I am left handed.