Volunteer vacations…like/dislike?

Has anyone ever gone on a volunteer vacation?

I’ve been thinking about joining a nature club and in my research have come across something called a volunteer vacation. It definitely sparked my interest. A long weekend in the woods hiking, camping, etc. paired alongside some volunteer work on trail maintenance and the like sounds refreshing to me. I’ve only read about them, though, and am curious to know if any of you have ever participated in one and, if so, what your experiences were. I definitely welcome all of your thoughts because I’m thinking about signing up for one this summer and didn’t want to sign up, pay whatever fee, and regret it later.

I’ve paid for the honor of doing volunteer work at an “archeological dig”. And hated it.
What was billed as being a job sifting dirt to find old bullets, buckles, and other evidence of an old battlefield got rained out, and we were just digging ditches to keep the camp dry. The battlefield itself was ignored. So the fee I paid was for an expensive rained-out camping trip.

I imagine these aren’t wildly popular given the extremely low number of post replies. Thank you,vb-man, for your input. Hmm…too bad because I thought this sort of vacation sounded like a good idea.

I think it’s going to depend on the particular outfit you go with. I’ve never done anything quite like you describe, though I had a very good experience with an educational trip to Cuba, and I’ve also enjoyed my volunteer experiences. You might try asking here - people there might even be able to recommend specific organizations.