Vonage won't release my phone number

What can we do?

We’ve had Vonage for a couple of years and we’ve decided that we’re tired of dealing with more than one company, so we’d like to have Verizon take over our Internet as well as our local phone line. We like our number and don’t want to give it up. However, the folks at Verizon say that the Vonage guys won’t release the number. (See why we only want one company?) What can we do? I’m thinking of an FCC complaint, but are there any better ideas? We were told not to contact Vonage directly, they might just disconnect the number and release it to the market. Any ideas?

I found lots of good info here, but most of it concerns wireless to wireless and wireline to wireless, there is nothing about wireline to wireline transfer of phone numbers. The best option I saw on the site was to contact the FCC directly and ask them.