Voodoo Doll Question

So, I’m flipping through tv channels this evening, and I run across Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It’s about halfway through the movie, but nothing else good is on, so I decide to watch. I have to say this is a pretty silly movie. Anyway, the bad guys have this voodoo doll of Indy (though since this is India, it can’t really be a voodoo doll). Of course, the voodoo doll allows the bad guys to do all the things that voodoo dolls allow bad guys to do.

I got to thinking, though: how does one go about destroying a voodoo doll? Wouldn’t the act of destroying the doll also destroy the doll’s intended victim?

Yes. That’s why if you find your voodoo doll (everyone has one - just like a doppelganger), you should immediately sprinkle it with holy water, wrap it in a nice little blanket with either Ken or Barbie (your choice), and put it in a shoebox under your bed. Make sure you put a nice grilled cheese sandwich in the box in case you get hungry. And really, really hope you don’t have mice.

Or… if you do have mice, pray that a nutcracker prince shall come to do battle with their king to save you.

You know, being the same size an’ all.

Sounds like my voodoo doll might see more action than me.

Just remember, don’t leave your doll near alcohol or Barbie dolls. Nothing worse then getting some else’s hangover and ending up a with collection of Teenage Mum Barbie dolls.

Seriously, now.

I read a book in which a boy had to destroy a voodoo doll of his grandmother. He found the knot of the seam that held it together and burned through the knot with a hot needle and carefully picked apart the rest of it. Then he got a priest to sprinkle it with holy water and say a prayer over it, and then they burned the materials.

When he went to see his grandmother after they destroyed the doll, her hand was burnt in the exact same place where the knot had been.