Voodoo Machine - A "Digital Drug" - Is it a crock?

The Voodoo Machine

I’m assuming the answer is yes, based on the lack of specifics on the website, the lack of links to research that could back them up, etc. Are all the testimonials just the result of psychosomatic experiences? If so, the creators of that thing must have been laughing like maniacs when they started getting letters.

Still, it’d be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?


A quick glance at the site screams “scam” at me, so I’ll say it’s crap. I love the meaningless pseudoscientific doubletalk:

BTW, long time, no see. Good to see you around again.

Heh. Even more telling is their own disclaimer:

And nowhere on the site could I find a reference to how it actually works. My guess is it sends a very light currect via those clips which may be tingly. I can’t imagine more than that or this device would have been everywhere in the clubs.