Anybody use Mind Machines?

Mind Machines such as these are light and sound devices that are supposed to help your brain move into different states (alpha waves, etc).

A few years ago I though the idea was pretty goofy, but for some reason it has grown on me and I’m thinking about getting one. I am mostly interested in them for relaxation. Although it would be pretty cool if they made me smarter.

So does anybody here use them and find them helpful? What is your favourite brand? I put it here instead of in GQ because although I would like to know if they really are scientifically sound, I am more interested in anecdotes of their relaxation effects. But comments on both would be appreciated.

Ive been out of the mind machine thing for a while. I owned two of the sychro-energizer knockoffs at one point. As much as i wanted to like them, I really didn’t think they did shite. They gave me a headache and were just, well, annoying.
For a good selection, try this place

I do however dig on biofeedback. I have an eeg machine that I used to hook myself up to to train myself for SMR which is sort of high alpha (14mhz). SMR was likened to the state that a cat feels when waiting to pounce at a mouse hole. Perfect physical relaxation with maximal mental engagement. I had it hooked up to a midi program that rewarded me with a tone when i reached an avg frequency of SMR. You’d be surprised how fast you can learn basic meditation this way. The problem with an eeg machine is cleaning your scalp and attaching the fricking electrodes and then monitoring the connection. It sits under my bed and now I just count breaths to meditate.

One thing I’d like to try is the lucid dream goggles that read when your REMing and flash a red light to let you know your dreaming. Of all mind experiences, lucid dreaming is by far the coolest.

Thanks for your input, guess you’re the only one here who’s tried one. I will look around for more reviews to decide if I’ll make a purchase.