Vote for your choice for our Winter 2012 trivia team name!

As discussed in this thread, my trivia team is looking for a new name for our pub quiz league this winter. We like funny wordplay names. We have it down to 3 finalists, although I will leave a voting option of “other” if you hate all 3 names/have a better suggestion.

OK. I assume a poll is coming with the names then?

It should be up now.

I voted for #3 though I don’t think it’s quite right; needs to keep the cadence of the original somehow. (“The ____ with the Flagon Tattoo” maybe, dunno what goes in the blank.)


My trivia night team likes to get the moderator to say embarrassing things. We’ve done names like:

“I just quizzed in my pants”
“I wish this microphone was a dick”

That kind of thing is amusing - once. We will probably play upwards of 40 times during this league, and it would get tiresome. Besides, other teams handle that with team names like “I Wear Women’s Underwear”, as well as garden-variety naughty names like “The Penis Mightier”, “Blood Fart”, “Mother Fockers”, and “Porn On The Cob”.

I liked #2, because you can respond with “CROM!!!

Ha! I was thinking we could say “Don’t you know the DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM”? Or something about the lamentations of their publishers.

Sorry, I voted other.

I prefer one of my entries from your other thread:

Brainy Days & Mondays.
(but of the three finalists, I do like Conan)

One last bump.

We are running this same poll on Facebook, and for some reason Abby Normal is way ahead over there. Since that’s my least favorite, come vote!

“The One-Eyed Wonder Weasels and their Two Balls”.

We’ve changed teams and names several times but I called my team Crazy Motherquizzers for a while. I always liked that one. :wink: