What's your team trivia name?

I know a lot of dopers do team trivia nights at local bars/restaurants/wherever, and at least one or two of you are creative an funny enough to come up with a good name (I kid, I kid…none of you are :p), or at least go to a trivia night with another team that has a good name, so let’s hear 'em!

My current team name is Scott Bakula Fan Club.
Now, I find it interesting that some people I know (a former and current roommate, a couple casual acquaintances,) have told me that they rarely have the same name each time they go. They just try to think of something funny/random that night and write it down. The former roommate that did this eventually invited me and my friend with her, and it was odd to see, because the last time I did trivia (and all times since,) we always had the same name week after week, as did most of the other teams (once you go a few times, you know the “regulars.”) it seemed odd then that they didn’t have a “set” name, and it still seems odd now!

Our team usually changes names every week, depending on the news of the day. We’ve played with the following names:

(After stock market crash) “Why Yes, Mr. Former Investment Banker, I would like fries with that!”
(After Lynn Redgrave died) “Hey There, Corpsy Girl”
(After Michael Jackson died) What were Michael Jackson’s last words? “Take me to Children’s Hospital”
Last week, there was a question about urinary tract infections, so we played as “Give us more UTI trivia - we’re whizzes at it”.

Other teams play with set names. One team plays every week as “In the case of six-month-old Shaniqua - Rodney, you are NOT the father!”.

At another trivia event, there’s a team named the “Guild Of Calamitous Intent”. That’s a good name.

Purple Reign.

Most of my team are Northwestern grads from Minnesota.

I don’t do bar trivia regularly, but the last time (two years ago) we were

Michael Jackson and the Dixie Eight.

It’s from the tv show Venture Brothers. Which is an awesome show.

Anyway, we play under the name Drinkin’ ‘Bout It. If we have too many people who want to play and have to form a secondary team, they’re usually Thinkin’ Problem.

Team Rocket

I used to go to the pub quiz every week and we were Go, Team Robot, Go! Most of the others used a variation on the word ‘quiz’, e.g. The Quizzee Rascals, Hello Quiz It Me You’re Looking For, Quiz On My Face etc.

Last time I went a few weeks back, we called ourselves A New Low. Because we were rubbish.

I like to always use the team names: Brutal Deluxe or Super Nashwan.

I haven’t done any team trivia at bars though. Sounds fun.

We started by going to Simpsons trivia nights at a local indy theater, so our name was The Flaming Moe-rons. It has stuck, although the Simpons themed nights are over.

One team at our current hang-out consistently uses Nutsack in their title. Some examples:

[li]Transformers: Nutsacks in Disguise[/li][li]The Nutsack of Amontillado[/li][li]These Themes Really Chap My Nutsack[/li][li]A Nutsack Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand[/li][li]Raindrops Keep Falling on My Nutsack[/li][/ul]

I used to use “Biggus” which I got from Monty Python’s “Biggus Dickus”. Imagine my suprise and annoyance when people kept calling me Gus- they were reading it as Big Gus.

I compete by myself as General Neiledge.

When part of a team, we’re usually Beer Garden Salad.

Personal Favourite is Hoof Hearted.

Or if my wife is there she insists on Team Thompson. (Thompson being our surname of course)

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

Actually, usually I don’t get that many letters, so I go with a variant that fits.

It is a Truth Universally Acknowledged that a Single Man in Possession of a Large Fortune Must Be in Want of a Wife.

We don’t have weekly contests, but we do have a yearly contest (world’s largest)…

Our team name is the Parfaits. How did you come up with that one, you ask. Well, it’s my cousin’s team. Several years back we were playing and his brother, my other cousin, was riffing on Donkey’s “parfait” line from the movie Shrek. (You know, everyone loves parfaits, tastiest thing on the whole damn planet, all that.) We all got a kick out of it. Unfortunately, he was taken from us all too young later that year. The next year we played as The Parfaits in his honor and The Parfaits we’ve been ever since.

One cool thing we did do this year - the trivia contest theme this year was “The Dark Side of the Contest” (you could draw comparisons to Star Wars, Pink Floyd, maybe even the Wizard of Oz), so we did a theme name too: “Parfaits Episode VI - Return of the Donkey” (since this was our sixth year as the Parfaits). Doubt more than three people got the joke, but we liked it.

Google Stevens Point trivia - you’ll find some awesome team names (and some you won’t believe they got away with on the radio).

When I was a federal judicial law clerk, I got to name our law clerk team, “Los Federales.” “The Feds” would have been cool too, but that didn’t occur to me until much later. We destroyed.

“Urge Overkill”, part truth, part tribute. But I play alone… with nobody else… on team trivia nights. Came in third place, twice, playing lonewolf against multitudinous teams ($25 gift certificate).

We play as Hero Squad.

When we first went with my parents they were playing as The Blanks, which was far too sensible, so we made them rename as either Mama’s Kumquat or Curse These Metal Hands. Obviously.

The Suspicious Packages